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November 22, 2011

Should a Candidate’s Faith Be an Issue? Dealing With the Romney Question

Filed under: Elections & Voting,Religion & Faith - 22 Nov 2011

Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith remains a frequent news item as the 2012 election cycle grinds on. Not long ago, a Texas evangelist called Mormonism a cult and has since been sharply criticized for stating his views. On Halloween, CNN Today …

Have You Heard?

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,What The F@#K?!? - 22 Nov 2011

Have you heard the latest open mic “Oops!” story? At the recent G20 in France, French President Sarkozy and President Obama were so busy doing some dissing of Israeli PM Netanyahu, they didn’t realize their undiplomatic trash talk would soon …

Tea Party Numbers Grow As Presidential Election Nears

Barack Obama has clearly earned his day of reckoning with the American people. That should happen at the polls on Election Day 2012. Yet one important question appears, will the American people actually show up to send this President packing? …