Have You Heard?

By: Patti Bankson

Have you heard the latest open mic “Oops!” story? At the recent G20 in France, French President Sarkozy and President Obama were so busy doing some dissing of Israeli PM Netanyahu, they didn’t realize their undiplomatic trash talk would soon be very public. Sarkozy: “Netanyahu. I can’t stand him. He’s a liar.” Our seeker-of-world-peace, Obama: “You’re sick of him. I have to work with him every day.” Obama’s obvious snub of Netanyahu in 2010… no red carpet treatment (usually offered visiting heads of state), no BFF photos together, and no dinner with the president… didn’t help that relationship, I’m sure. Ouch! So much for furthering Middle East Peace Talks.

Have you heard the latest “Fast and Furious” gun-running story? Eric Holder, during his appearance before Congress, said he “certainly regrets” what happened to Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry, but “it’s not fair to assume” mistakes made in the botched operation ”directly led” to Terry’s death. I wonder how he’d know that since he says he really didn’t know what was going on… after all, he only learned about it when it became public. (uh-huh). And, adding insult to injury, he hasn’t apologized to Terry’s family, and apparently, doesn’t intend to. Hasn’t even spoken to them. This isn’t the first truth-be-darned Holder incident. Maybe we need to cut back in the Justice Department, starting at the top.

Have you heard the story about the Florida high school soccer player who was injured at a car wash, while participating in a fund-raiser, to benefit her club’s soccer team? Before you assume that this is your “usual” story about some kind of teenage excess or stupidity, let me tell you the story within the story. This was a young girl involved in her stand-up life, planning her future, which was sparkling like a star before her.

Bree McMahon lost her left leg in that accident, and almost lost the other… just a week after being offered a college scholarship for her to play soccer on that school’s team. Once more, if you’re assuming that she lost her scholarship along with a part of her body, you’re wrong… because the other story within the story is that she was dealing with a stand-up college, and that two years later, Bree is now attending that school, and is an active member of the soccer team, helping the trainers and coaches. Is she frustrated? Yeah. Does she wish she could get out on the field with her team and play? Yeah. Is she participating in the ugly Wall Street protests/riots whining about the fact that other girls still have both legs, and can get out on the field doing what soccer players do, and she can’t do that anymore? No. When it first happened, she said: “Watch me come back from this. And I will come back from this.”

Her story is beyond inspiring, and The Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Bianchi summed it up so well last Sunday: “In real life, returning from a catastrophic injury and fighting back to become a normal college kid is one of the greatest comeback stories of all.”

Even more inspiration: Remember all our courageous, and selfless, military members, past and present, today, and every day. God Bless them, and God Bless America.

Life lessons for us all, especially in these difficult, chaotic times.

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