In God We Trust

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While doing some research on an unrelated topic, I came across this article and video of President Obama. He is talking to a group in Washington trying to gin up support for his jobs bill. At one point the President called out Speaker Boehner (who was present) by implying that the Republican House has been wasting its time on legislation such as: a commemorative coin for baseball and a bill that reaffirms “In God We Trust” as our national motto. As I read and watched, one irony after another came to mind, and I felt compelled to point them out.

First I must say that I can think of no valid reason why our elected officials would be discussing a commemorative coin, while our economy is circling the drain. How can that be of any significance in November 2011?

And I was offended by President Obama’s flippant attitude regarding “In God We Trust”. Our politicians have certainly proven over and over again that they cannot be trusted. With the endless list of complex problems facing our Nation today, nothing less than a firm belief in God, a copious amount of prayer and a rapid reversal of course, will pull us through. So President Obama’s implication that “In God We Trust” is a waste of time, is quite misguided and offensive, in my opinion.

The President told Speaker Boehner that recent House activity is not putting people back to work. Let’s return to August of this year, when Mr Obama said he had a specific plan (now known as the American Jobs Act) that he would unveil when Congress was back in session in September. If this detailed plan did exist at that time, and he was convinced it would be effective, why would he not have immediately presented it to the American people? Instead, he waited three weeks for Congress to reconvene. Every day that passes without corrective action, is another day lost. That’s not putting people back to work Mr President!

Mr Obama goes on to say that God wants us to help ourselves by putting people back to work. If you truly believe that Mr President, then why, after a $1Trillion stimulus package and a Democrat controlled Congress for two years, are so many Americans still unemployed? And why should the American people believe that an additional $500Billion in spending will accomplish anything but a further expansion of government? Yes, God does want us to help ourselves, but He expects us to do it in a responsible way. There is no authority that allows us to spend recklessly, while at the same time, creating unsustainable levels of debt that will be passed on to future generations. And as Americans Mr President, we do help ourselves by being the most generous, entrepreneurial and courageous Nation on earth!

Mr Obama seems intent on convincing people that Congress, specifically House Republicans, are unconcerned about jobs because of the time they waste on issues such as commemorative coins and “In God We Trust”. Here is a list of job related bills passed by House Republicans so far this year. As you can see, many of them are being held up in the Democrat controlled Senate. I believe Republicans are concerned about job creation.

The President also said “I can’t imagine that Speaker Boehner wants to represent a state where nearly one in four bridges is classified as substandard.” Considering what has happened since January 2009, I can’t imagine that President Obama wants to represent a Country that is nearly $15Trillion in debt with a national unemployment rate of 9%, and for the first time in history, had its AAA credit rating downgraded.

And finally, the President believes Republicans in Washington are out of touch with Republican voters. That must be in stark contrast with Democrats in Washington who were so in touch, with all Americans, when they forced through Health Care Legislation.

When will politicians stop gambling with our lives, our safety, our money and future generations of Americans? The notion that bigger government, more spending, more debt and higher taxes will eventually lead to a positive outcome is insane. No prudent person manages their finances in such ways. How much more dire must our situation become before this Administration changes course? They may not change course, but their time is growing short. We can and we will survive the next year because that’s what Americans do! In God We Trust.

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