Obama Did It Again

By: William P. Frasca

Once again our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has not only disgraced and made a mockery out of all that America has stood for since and before its conception, but he also demonstrated unconscionable insulting gall and conceited attitude of ignoring the Name of God in his 2011 Thanksgiving speech to the Nation.

This man, besides any popular belief, can’t change water into wine and he most definitely can’t walk on water? Even though some, if not most of his naïve intolerant narrow minded supporters comprising mostly of Socialistic Marxist Liberal Democrats, and the Progressives, not to mention his unscrupulous public and private hand picked appointed deviants, thinks he can.

Wouldn’t it be great if he really was fulfilling the prophecy of the second coming of the Messiah? Then he could obviously change the unemployed into the employed. There would be no need for healthcare, because he could heal and cure the sick, eliminate all diseases, illnesses, mental and physical handicaps not only in America but also the world?

He would perform such miracles as ending corruption, incompetence and thievery within all realms of our Government, vanishing bigotry, all hypocrisy, and the self centered, self serving. He would, with just a simple wave of his hand end social greed, poverty, hunger, hatred, violence, racism, war and prejudice.

He could part the dead sea of wasteful spending, bailouts, pork, illegal handouts, unqualified, undeserving entitlements, selfish gluttony, and the blood sucking financial leeches. He would help the deserving and the needy? He would punish the wicked and reward the good. He would restore the prominence of our currency, end inflation and lead us out of the desert of despair, repressiveness, humiliation and degradation.

We all know this is an extreme fantasy and even though he’s a legend in his own mind, he’s definitely not the Savior, is fact he’s not even a magician. He can’t perform miracles or trick of illusions. This man has failed not only as the Leader of The Free World, but also as President of the greatest country in the world and in history, The United States of American. His reverse identified status of the Midas touch, which turns gold and diamonds into garbage of coal is his trade mark. He ruins almost everything? He can’t make a valid constructive decision, he’s stalled in neutral? Why would anyone that has achieved so very little in his governing capacity, be so sarcastic and vain, with the complete audacity of self love, as to deny any acknowledgement, prayer or assistance from a Supreme Being?

Who was he trying to impress? This ludicrous move on Thanksgiving Day, of not thanking God, and omitting him from his speech, could only possibly cater to his kool-aide drinking liberal base and the atheist? Every known reputable religious organizations and beliefs recognize that there is a God. He may be called different names, worshipped differently and reverently identified in all recognized capacities, but there’s always a God, who is Most Powerful and Holy. To deny him his rightful place, respect, thanks and praise is an unforgiving travesty.

Time and Time again Mr. Obama has proven that he is unfit to lead. His unconventional unorthodox ways of dictating his will of forced compliance on us all is not a positive attribute, but a sad hindrance. Do what I say and don’t do what I do is his motto. The world naturally evolves him, is his creed? All perfect, unwilling to accept fault is his ego. We became so numb to his shock jock mentality that nothing he does seems to be a surprise us. Anything and everything is expected.

Is this what we want as a President, absolutely, positively not? Remember all the cold hard slaps in the face he gave us, including disrespecting God, Our Country and The Constitution, while administering uncompassionate grief, denial, betrayal, suffering, hardships, humiliations and his total disregard for the will of the people. Never forget these atrocities on Election Day, November 2012. Make a loud statement, by saying enough is enough and we’re not going to taking anymore, by voting him out of Office, and never looking back.

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