Herman Cain: More than just a candidate…

By: Guest Authors

By: Ryan Richard

The recent attacks of Herman Cain by the Liberal mainstream media only solidify the Conservative base for supporting him. To understand why the Left is vehemently opposed to Cain and what a Cain Presidency would do to American Politics, we have to visualize what a Herman Cain victory would look like and especially how it pertains to our current economic and political environment.

First off, lets understand what we know of Cain. He is the least political savvy candidate in the presidential race and is not considered a “politician”. This resounds with the conservative right who over the past couple of years have grown weary of the bureaucracy in Washington. This trait is the exact opposite of Obama who has been pursuing public office since his first community organizer role. Cain also boasts a successful career in the private sector and he fundamentally understands the free market system and embraces Capitalism’s superiority. Again, this is the polar opposite of Obama who has never worked a real job, despises Capitalism and is attempting, successfully in some areas, to instill a socialist system. Cain is a black man from the south who would credit his success to hard work, determination and God. Cain is also a Christian who was raised in the Baptist Church which preaches Salvation through Christ and to Love they neighbor. As for Obama, we know he is of mixed race, we are unsure exactly where he is from e.g. Hawaii, Seattle, Kenya, Indonesia, Chicago… We do know that he is a 20 year member of a racist church that preaches black liberation theology. We also know that he owes much of his success, if you can call it that, to other people.

Now that we understand some of the differences in Cain and Obama, lets explore how a Cain victory would affect our economy. Cain, assuming he sticks to his conservative values, would repeal Obamacare. He then would attempt to reform the Tax code which would eliminate the IRS, cut taxes and allow job creators to keep more of their money. Cain would also reduce government entitlement programs and cut government spending across the board. He would end the EPA regulations that inhibit the United States from utilizing our vast network of natural resources thus driving down the cost Americans pay for energy. His belief in removing the federal governments role in public education and increasing charter schools would improve the quality of public education. In its entirety, these simple actions would help stabilize our economy. Businesses would not fear their future, as they do now, and would once again be willing to take risks by creating jobs with the intent to manufacture a product or perform a service for a profit, which is deemed evil under this current administration.

The aforementioned outlines only the economic factors of a Cain Presidency, it does not entail the political implications. The Left, at its core, believes that individuals are unable to provide and support themselves without government intervention. This belief showcases just how arrogant the Left is. The Left believes you should leave important decisions to them, since they are the educated and enlightened elite. Herman Cain epitomizes the contradiction of such a belief. Herman was able to take his talents and live out the American Dream without relying on the government. Herman would be a symbol for all young men in America, especially those who are black, that you don’t have to buy into the Left’s lie of oppression and inequality. For years the Left has controlled the black vote. If Cain were to win the Presidency and revive and stabilize the economy, it would deal a severe blow to the Liberal left wing agenda and their strangle hold on the black vote. It would prove that free market principals, not socialism/redistribution of wealth, will prosper a nation. It would call into question the left’s true interest in the black community. All of this would cause a great stir in political ideology.

In all, the Left understands that Herman Cain is the exact opposite of Barack Obama. Barack is a hard-core liberal socialist who has, without a doubt, purposefully driven our country into an economic crisis. He and the Left have taken their agenda, forced it down the throat of the American people, and have thus shaped life in today’s America. If Herman Cain is to be elected and is successful in turning around this sinking ship, it would prove once and for all, for this generation, the fallacy and errant way of the liberal socialist methodology. This is why the Left is terrified. When conservatives foresaw a successful Obama, they foresaw a failing America. When Liberals foresee a successful Cain, they foresee a successful America and the demise of their evil empire.


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