Newt and Immigration: What’s the Christian thing to do?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

The ultra conservatives and the liberal pundits are jumping all over Newt because he wants to show some compassion. But you and I know that none of these illegal immigrants are going to be kicked out of the country unless they are caught doing something wrong. And most of the illegals and their families are not leaving!


It strikes me funny how the pundits always look in the wrong places… Like illegal drugs. The drugs are not the problem, and the politicians have been fighting (wink wink) this war for a long time. The problem is the money you can make by selling illegal drugs and all the perks that come with having all that money. Take away the money factor and illegal drugs go away forever.


When we look at illegal immigration it is not the fence. It’s the anchor baby phony provision. It is also the notion that you don’t need to be a citizen of this great country and you can still partake in all our free social programs which is a fancy way of saying redistributing wealth to people who don’t deserve it. But it does create government jobs. The more illegal immigrants we allow into this country the more government jobs we need to administer all the social programs that will be bestowed upon them.


The anchor baby law or the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution was intended to give  the descendants of black folks particularly slaves the automatic right of citizenship just for being born in America. This amendment was ratified around 1868. So my guess is that there were some areas in the south where the former slaves and their descendants were not being treated as citizens. So this amendment needed 27 of the 37 states to pass. By 1868 they had their 27th state. And by 2003 they are still ratifying this amendment.


Like drugs you need to look at the real issue. For centuries if you can have a baby in this country, then your entire family can stay in the United States. Once the baby is born, that child has all the rights as anyone else in the United States. When you think about it if they are in the minority, they have more rights. So we can’t send the mother of the American citizen out of the country so we let the mother stay as well. So the Christian thing to do is:  Do we have to let the family stay in the United States?


So the conservatives and some liberals will say this is not right. They broke the law and they are being rewarded for their illegal actions. Then we are stuck with all these illegal children some not born in the United States and we are not going to educate them! That would not be Christian!


But it does sound stupid. We let these people in. We let them steal from the system and then we reward them. My question is once the baby is born, there is a birth certificate issued and then Mom shows up at the welfare office looking for some redistribution of wealth.


Don’t you think if mom is sent back home she will take her baby with her? Remember little Elian. The Court said he had no rights as a citizen.


The problem is real simple to solve. I don’t think there are any slaves left in this country that are alive. Some will argue that we are still slaves to an ever growing government. Amen to that!


Once you rescind this notion that if a child is born in this country who has not one parent that is a citizen, the baby is not a citizen! The problem goes away! It is that simple. The child is like a lottery ticket to the families of other countries. If they can time the birth of the baby so it occurs in this country then they are set for life. And they are far better off then living in their native country. A Christian will say we owe them that right to come to this country illegally.


So that part of the equation is easy to solve. Create an amendment or laws that clearly rescind the anchor baby provisions.


The next step becomes real easy take away the government teat from the illegals. Matter of fact any person who does not have a legal right to be in this country should be asked to leave if they choose not to be a citizen in 5 years. And that includes their whole damn family. And they should receive no government handouts!


This is easy to police. You don’t need to punish the employers or have a national identification program that would not work and would be very expensive. All you have to do is the next time these folks show up at a hospital or a government office to get benefits that are only reserved for US citizens and any other person legally allowed in this country, they are escorted immediately out of the country.


The ACLU will be all over this, but if you choose not to become a citizen in 5 years and your anchor baby is no longer an anchor, then why should the middle class pay taxes so these people can have a free education, free health care, free housing and free everything else. And they take away jobs that would employ tax paying citizens!


Once this is in place, you don’t need a fence or a wall or the National Guard to keep these folks out. They will immediately understand that if they choose to enter this country they need to come through the front door. And they will be accepted just like everyone else except the Cubans.


Betcha if we stop offering automatic citizenship to the Cubans, our relationship with Cuba will be just like it was pre-Kennedy.


The idea of sending all these illegals out of the country without these new rules is stupid. It will not happen. We are stuck with all the illegal immigrants that are here now. So get over it. There is no law, Judge or politician that will stand up and will kick out all of the millions of illegals. They say 12 million, I don’t believe that do you? It is probably more like 30 million or and then some. And if the family has been here for more than 5 years they probably have a bunch of anchor babies sitting there waiting to give the whole family a right to stay here for free!


So let’s agree with Newt and quit crying like babies. But we can change tomorrow! And as of today, no more illegals should be accepted in this country. That is the Christian thing to do. You have to realize that our crooked politicians have not slowed down the number of legal immigrants they allow in the front door. The number will be cut in half if we don’t stop letting people in the back door. It’s only Christian, we should treat all the people the same and let them all come legally through the front door.


Think of it this way. Someone applies to enter the country. They wait for years to get accepted. And let’s face it; it helps to know someone. How many of Obama’s folks have been allowed in illegally. So the Christian thing to do is to treat all people fairly and the same. And set quotas and let them all come into our melting pot in a fair and orderly fashion.


Now is there anyone that would disagree with that?


So get the conventions started and let’s get rid of anchor babies and free social programs to anyone who is not a citizen and they have been in this country for 5 years or more. You have to take charge of this mission; the politicians have no spines and will never pass laws that are needed. They may lose votes while they bankrupt the country!  They don’t care; they still get their paychecks and benefits for life!


And the same holds true for all the illegals. They have 5 years to become citizens. If they don’t or don’t want to… then tell them to take a hike.


And as simple as that we have taken the politics and politicians out of the problem. For many years we have been fighting over this problem. As the crooks fight, millions of illegals enter the country. Let’s pass a few amendments and we can solve the problem tomorrow. If you wait for the politicians you will wait forever! While you wait, the problem grows larger and worsens! Christians may be taught to turn the other cheek, but is it Christian to be taxed into poverty?

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