The Fruits of the Arab Spring

By: Craig Chamberlain

We we’re assured by the powers that be in Washington, the so called experts, that the uprisings in the Arab world were nothing to worry about. Instead we should embrace them. They were, we were told, nothing more than a spontaneous uprising because the people of the Middle East wanted a free and democratic form of government. For the most part conservatives retained their skepticism about these movements, asserting that this was nothing but a move to replace the current nationalist dictatorships, with more radical fundamentalist ones.

I guess we conservatives can give the country’s foreign policy experts a big “I told you so” as one by one the countries that fell were replaced by Islamist regimes. Let’s not get sentimental about Hosni Mubarak, Ben Ali, Qaddafi, or Saleh over in Yemen. And I couldn’t care less if President Assad gets strung up and left to sway in the breeze. These men were all dictators, all oppressed their people, but none of them were a threat to the United States. That can’t be said about the new gangsters that have taken over. Every single one of them is  an Islamic radical bent on war with Israel and confrontation with the United States.

The Obama administration seems to think that they can deal with these new governments the way you would deal with people who aren’t crazy. If President Obama wins reelection a bad situation will only get worse. Our current commander in chief doesn’t exactly project the picture of strength. These new leaders are committed to Sharia law and Jihad, and using terrorism to advance their political agenda. If one of his GOP challengers wins the race they will probably do a better job with this mess than the current administration but it’s still going to be a group of dangerous fanatics to deal with. Every one of these countries will probably fall under the Iranian orbit if our government is not active on this.

From the strait of Gibraltar to the Suez canal every country in North Africa is now under control of a bunch of medieval minded loons who think that the 7th century was the pinnacle of Human civilization. Not exactly a bunch of rationalists who play by the rules of realpolitik. Even so called “moderate” countries like Tunisia and Morocco now have governments dedicated to Sharia law. The crazy man in Tunis wants to recreate the Caliphate and “march on Jerusalem” hmm.. I wonder what that could mean? While the new PM in Morocco is an Islamist who vows to rule with “justice” here’s a hint: whenever a Muslim leader starts yammering on about justice, it’s not a good thing. The new Libyan leaders have legalized polygamy, the first step for any Islamic fanatic, and begun to institute Sharia law. The Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, has just won the Egyptian elections, the first free election in 60 years, and now with the brotherhood in power the last free election for another 60 years.

How do we deal with this? None of these new governments will be friendly to the interests of the United States. The worst case scenario is that all of these countries ally or unite into a new Islamic nation bent on war with Israel, and anyone who gets in their way. Best case scenario the government has to deal with many Islamist regimes, each one competing with the other to be the major power and influence within the region. Another scenario, and most likely, is that they end up as clients of Tehran. Backed up by Iranian money and Iranian nukes.

We are willfully blind when it comes to the Middle East. We believe that these newest governments are democratic in nature and that the Arab people want to have a Jeffersonian democracy. Where’s the one place in the Arab world that’s Democratic? Iraq. And that’s because we kicked in the door and created a democratic system for them. We never had many friends in that part of the world, now we’re going to have a whole bunch of new enemies.

Sanctions, or military action, or a combination thereof is probably going to be required against these new regimes. The Arab world produces nothing but oil, if we develop our own resources(good luck with that as long as Obama is in office) we don’t need to buy anything they have to sell. This was always a messy situation and it was made worse when the Obama administration threw its hat in with the mobs in the streets. The President ignored real democracy protesters in Iran while supporting the thugs in power. This is standard operating procedure for the President to always side with the more dangerous and violent element. That’s what leftists do.

Let’s hope a new President knows how to address the situation.

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