Tim Tebow Brings Culture Wars to Sports

By: Craig Chamberlain

I’m in the Pittsburgh market so I don’t get to see too many Denver Bronco games, and they are not my team anyway. I watch the Steelers((I’m still hoping for a rematch with the Packers) but I can’t help but root for Tebow. He’s proven expert after expert wrong. They said he wouldn’t be drafted in the first round. He was. They said he wouldn’t win any games in the NFL, he’s 6-1 as a starter. They said his style of play wouldn’t work on the professional level, it has. They said he could never be a pocket passer, I wonder what they think about his last performance?

I bring this up because Tebow is considered a controversial figure in American culture. Why? Because Tim Tebow is an unapologetic, and devout, Christian. That alone has sent many of his critics into spasms of fury. They mask their hatred of Tebow, and his Christian faith, by claiming that they are not opposed to him, only to his style of play. It’s the same tactic that Mitt Romney detractors use to hide their anti Mormonism. They don’t hate Romney for being Mormon, they dislike him for once having been pro choice. But back to Tebow. It speaks volumes about our society that a quiet, decent, devout young man is held up as an object for scorn, while so many in sports who are criminals are placed on pedestals.

Our culture is truly decadent, but you always hope that there are a few sparks of decency out there. We celebrate Michael Vick who spent time in prison for operating a dog fighting ring. Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg at a nightclub, spent time in prison, and is welcomed back with open arms. Ben Roethlisberger is accused of raping a woman. None of these men have been held up to the scorn that Tebow has. That speaks volumes about our society.

The left so hates Christians that they don’t care who they tear down, or who they have to build up. It’s very unlikely that Tebow will ever be convicted of torturing animals, carrying a gun, and endangering others, or be accused of assaulting a woman. The left can’t stand that. Traditional morality has no place in the brave new world that they are building. They view loyalty to God as a direct challenge to their vision of loyalty to the state. That’s why people of prominence who don’t tow the line, people of celebrity and prominence, have to be mocked, and ultimately silenced.

Tebow, didn’t bring the practice of praying during games to the NFL. That’s been going on for the better part of thirty years. Perhaps if Tebow were black his faith wouldn’t be so controversial. Yet his faith has made him the target of many. Former Bronco’s quarterback, Jake Plummer, said of Tebow “I wish he’d just shut up.” I’d like to know what Tebow ever did to Jake Plummer, except being a more successful quarter back than Plummer will ever be. His practice of praying or “Tebowing” as it has come to be called has been a special target of mockery. Players do it when they tackle him, people use that pose when they have their picture taken.

The fact that Tebow is a figure of controversy doesn’t speak well. But there are so many Christophobes in this country that any prominent place for a Christian drives them crazy. Abortion isn’t controversial, homosexuals getting married isn’t controversial, an illegitimacy rate of 25% isn’t controversial. But a Christian freely expressing his faith is beyond the pale. This is what we get when we surrender our culture to a bunch of socialists.

People who dislike Tebow so strongly are revealing a great deal about themselves. What does it say about you when you hate a person for being a good man? It’s sad, but a true statement on our culture, that people who act like civilized human beings are usually mocked by popular culture. If there were any sanity left Tim Tebow and other honest, decent, and good person, would be a role model.

If America wants to stay great it must become good again, and in order for it to be good again it must embrace the values that were once so common, and that Tim Tebow is reminding America it once had, and that’s why so many people hate him.

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