Obama’s Hypocrisy

By: William P. Frasca

What can you say about Our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One’s” Hypocrisy? These words comes to mind, most likely you’ll have your own adjectives, Comical, Sad, Angry, Selfish, Despicable, Disgraceful, Humiliating. His words, deeds and actions clearly and accurately define the extreme characteristics of self love? He is the poster child of gluttony and falsehoods. He is the monarch of total selfishness that displays absolutely no regard for anyone. The world evolves around him and no one or anything else. Nothing matters but himself. He obviously doesn’t have to be constantly reminded by his adoring entourage of Socialists, Marxists demigods that he is the Savior, of the world, because he totally believes this without any question or hesitation in his own mind?

He’s like the Bunny Rabbit that never seems to run out of juice, especially when it comes to his negative actions and reactions concerning his failed Presidency. His agenda no matter how foolish is described as an intellectual masterpiece, ahead of its time, by his followers and the liberal media. They constantly praise his every movement, as a relentless obedient submissive servant that places him on a pedestal, ready, willing and able to perform his bidding no matter how outrageous.

He stands at the podium, with a regal flare, looking down at his subjects while they patiently wait for his guidance, and direction. Unfortunately, they only receive repetitious non-sense, allegations and ludicrous commands, which must be fully obeyed without any objections. All those who question his motives are subjected to the wrath and scorn inflicted by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives?

The bogus fear and weapons of chose constantly used by them is unfairly labeling all those who opposed his plans as prejudice, racist, or politically incorrect. The gibberish is always the same, joined together with an annoying dictatorial voice that has no meaning, purpose or solutions. An empty sound used to blame others for his own incompetent shortfalls, which are adversely destroying America.

He tells the American people, they must tighten their belts, sacrifice more. While imposing these sanctions, he’s never a loss for using public funds for family vacations and diplomatic trips, elaborate perks, contributions, accommodations, meals, and supporting his cigarette habit. These are some of the same materialist items he and his family are so free to accept, enjoying without good conscience, sympathy, and decency, while others are being condemned for these same actions.

He freely accepts them on the backs of the taxpaying American citizens, in which he forcefully confiscates in the name of his Presidency. These are the same individuals that are the backbone of this great nation, who are struggling to support themselves and their families, by trying to put food on their tables, clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads? Yet he is still not satisfied. What kind of inept self serving leadership are we meekly supporting, without expressing any words of objection or protest? Did “We the People” finally accept a degrading subservient role to our government?

Do we acknowledge our President as having the ultimate supreme superiority over us, genuflecting before him, offering gifts of homage, while our Country is stressed out to the max, facing financial ruin? Are we on the same destructive Socialistic/Communistic road, which viciously takes from the people, rewards their corrupt leaders, while administering nothing in return? No future, no integrity, no education, no careers, no material ownership, no ingenuity, controlled by fear and a stymied existence, as slaves to the State?

Is it his undisputed self proclaimed right to accept an enormous piece of the pie, while he criticizes others, limits growth, while leaving us all with the crumbs of regression, high taxes, unemployment, depression, inflation and despair? He’s so busy preaching to us that the rich must pay more, and give more, separating everyone into selected groups, purposely dividing this Great Nation Socially and Economically.

Yet he has no remorse or dignity by granting himself full immunity, free from guilt, justifying his authority in committing the same stated crimes he’s accusing others, against humanity that he’s condemning? Doesn’t anyone see this abomination, his arrogant insincerity and double standard? Doesn’t anyone care? Have we become living zombie?

Wake up America, peacefully protest with whatever law abiding tools you have at your disposal. Express your thoughts, speak up, exercise your God given inalienable rights that are prescribed in the Constitution. Vote and never, ever display even the slightest form amnesia.

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