Merry Christmas, End Religious Bigotry

By: William P. Frasca

The joyous season of Christmas is once again upon us; it arrives and departs so quickly. It brings all the warm, happiness, prayers, hope and generosity that we share with one another and our families. It brings us to the realization that not all things are perfect, but we can comfort one another in the time of need or hardship.

Over the years this Christian Holiday has been constantly and relentlessly attacked by the self proclaimed bigots and scandalous Hippocrates of our society. They laugh at our beliefs, symbols, and prayers. They ridicule and deny the presence of God and Jesus. They administer a mockery of all that we hold dear and sacred. They justify this by falsely using our precious Constitution to defend their sick wrath of defiance towards certain Religions, having the audacity to use fictitious ideology of a man made mandatory compliance, consisting of the separation between Church and State. This Country was founded on Judeo/Christian beliefs and acknowledgements, such as the Ten Commandments, the basis of all laws?

Their untrue interpretations of these words are being, selectively chosen, picked, and twisted, to forcibly inflict their atheist beliefs on others. This is an obvious disrespect which illegally imposes limitations on only certain selected acts of faith. This must be condemned and identified as ludicrous, ridiculous and idiotic measures of the first degree.

Christians, Jews and other passive beleaguered expressions of worship are always easily targeted by the Socialists Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives. They conceitedly and falsely announce them selves as liberators to the American people, defenders of the Constitution, only when it suits their sick warped agenda. They despicably display their aggressive reactions and actions towards the meek and tolerant, while they proudly wear their yellow cowardice badge of dishonor and humiliating tattoo of bigotry quite evidently, by allowing and granting certain Religions a free ride out of fear of physical retribution or political correctness. This is an abomination and against all American principles, yet these individuals of the minority are dictating to the majority, why?

Our brave troops are bravely and unselfishly fighting for our Country, The United States of America in the name of freedom, including protecting all our God Given Unalienable Rights. This unless I am mistaken includes Freedom of Religion. No where does it state, “For Only a Selected Few” or the elimination of our revered signs of worship on public property? We the people pay our fair amount of taxes, we have every right granted to us by God and as Americans in which we should never be stymied, silenced or denied our beliefs, values, morals or proper place.

These liberal demigods are beyond human American decency. They are the dredges of our society, sewer rats that come out only at night, hiding behind the shield of darkness, waiting to devour the weak, going back into their holes at the first signs of strength or day light. They are literally compromising our rights.

We, as Christians don’t twist anyone’s arm, to participate or join, like some religious affiliations, but all are peacefully welcomed to participate, no one is forced.

Keep the Government out of our lives; don’t sell your rights and freedoms, for a false sense of security or baseless, groundless, inexcusable, illogical political correctness. Don’t disappoint our brave gladiators, who are risking their lives and losing their limbs so your life, liberty and your pursuit of happiness are preserved forever. Don’t let them down, exercise your freedom of speech, continue to question authority, and especially don’t trust the government. Remember these immortal words of our last Conservative President Ronald Reagan when he said, “that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.

Please remember our Troops, during this most Holy Time. Every branch of the United States Military, including all civilian personnel, and our loyal allies must always be acknowledged in our hearts and minds. Our total appreciation must also be extended, towards all these brave men and women, wherever they’re stationed, at home or abroad, for their generous dedication, valor and never be so slightly relinquished.

Please pray that they will have a blessed protected Christmas Holiday and that they will return to their loving families, safe and sound from harms way. Words can not express our total admiration, for without them, our heroic veterans, and all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, freedom is just another word. Thank God for each and every one of them, please protect them and their families always.

I am a Christian, I am tolerant, I wish everyone who is not, all the best in whatever or whoever they hold sacred in their hearts and in their own personal beliefs. I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ as My Messiah and Savior, not our President, Barack Hussein Obama, the So Called Chosen One or any man or women on this earth. I’m proud to say Merry Christmas, Happy Easter and I will always, most definitely keep the Holy, Blessed Name of Christ in Christmas. I wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy, Safe, Prosperous New Year, whether you like it or not.

So acquire a copy of the United States Constitution. Read every article, paragraph and amendment with sincere reverence and pride. When finished, give it a big kiss and “Thank the Good Lord” every day, with every precious breath, that you are blessed, with the privilege, of living in our beloved one free Nation, under God.

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