I Believe Barack Hussein Obama!

By: Michael John McCrae

I believe Barack Hussein Obama. I believe him when he tells me he wants to raise my taxes, when he wants to increase the cost of my health care and when he wants to lessen the value of my home. I believe him when he tells me in his book, written by domestic terrorist and communist William Ayers that he was born of a British citizen and is therefore himself a British citizen.

I believe Barack Hussein Obama when he stands before a union thug who calls Republicans, “Sons of Bitches”; declaring “I am one of you!” I believe him when he tells a plumber he believes in wealth redistribution. I believe him when he stands before groups of Muslims declaring: “I am one of you!”

I believe Barack Hussein Obama when he tells me one of his mentors was Black Liberation Theologian Jeremiah Wright and that his favorite college buddies were all communists. I believe him when he tells me his favorite book is Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. I believe Barack Hussein Obama would bring a gun to a knife fight!

I certainly believe Barack Hussein Obama when he tells me he wants to take more money from those of us who produce wealth for America and give it to the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia. That he wants to continue paying money to Palestinian families whose terrorist husbands and fathers languish in prison for acts of war.

I believe Barack Hussein Obama when he says he sympathizes with the Occupy Wall Street thugs who believe their education should be free, their food should be free, their housing and health care should be the burden of those who work and pay taxes.

I truly believe Barack Hussein Obama when he declares Americans “lazy”. He knows his people well. He knows he creates such people with continual extensions of federal unemployment insurance. The longer his people can collect money without having to work for it ensures his reelection in 2012. His people would not want to lose their “Sugar-daddy”.

I believe Barack Hussein Obama enjoys his White House Concert series, his frequent golf outings, his vacations around the world both with and without Michelle, his ability to pick winners and losers in basketball tournaments on ESPN and all that while collecting his $400,000 annual salary.

I believe Barack Hussein Obama hates America. This is why Barack Hussein Obama spends much of his time out of the White House campaigning. He is more at home in his “Community Organizer” roll; denigrating the rich, the middle class, big business, coal and oil production and the banking community. He considers himself a champion of the poor and in his three years as president has managed to increase his army of poor substantially. Forty-seven million Americans on food stamps is a massive victory for a communist redistributionist.

Finally, I believe Barack Hussein Obama wants four more years of vacations and golf outings. He wants to try to finish his program of destroying America’s reputation of greatness. He wants to turn over America’s standing as the world’s greatest nation to the Chinese. He wants to gut the military to where it will not be able to respond to a world crisis. He wants to expand government to where militant judges have more authority than Congress. The proof lies in his current record of destruction. He says he needs more time. I believe him.

More than two million jobs have been lost since Barack Hussein Obama assumed the presidency. More than two million Americans have lost their homes to foreclosure. American businesses and banks that should have been permitted to go bankrupt have been bailed out with taxpayer money; jeopardizing Social Security and driving the economy towards unsustainable debt. Nine and ten percent unemployment rates have become the “new normal”. Forty-eight percent of American public schools are failing their students as public school teacher salaries are twice that of their private school counterparts. Barack Hussein Obama’s policies, programs and initiatives have completely failed to deliver on any of his great and glowing promises.

I believe Barack Hussein Obama has made his communist mentors very proud.

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