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December 22, 2011

Pvt. Manning-Wikileaks hearing reveals Army’s security laxity

Filed under: American National Security - 22 Dec 2011

Security within the intelligence division of the U.S. military exhibits so much laxity that soldiers are able to play video games or watch motion pictures on intelligence computers, according to a hearing into the so-called Wikileaks scandal.

Obama’s America in This Week’s Headlines

Filed under: Academia, Media & Hollywood,In The News - 22 Dec 2011

The headlines this past week have been pretty rough. Marriage is becoming passé in the States with now, just over 50 percent of couples being married and people waiting later in life to get married. We already know the percentage …

Choice Not Consensus: A Plea From a Less Important State

Most registered Republicans will not pick their party’s presidential nominee this election. Because of a curious tradition in our electoral process, voters in a handful of small states will get to anoint a frontrunner early this winter. Now, …