Obama’s America in This Week’s Headlines

By: Michael John McCrae

The headlines this past week have been pretty rough. Marriage is becoming passé in the States with now, just over 50 percent of couples being married and people waiting later in life to get married. We already know the percentage of single parent black families exceeds the number of two parent black families. Sadly, I believe the trend will continue, with double-digit unemployment and emphasis on gay rights driving the train.

There was an article about American public schools. A recent study found 48 percent of public schools are failing to meet even the minimum standards for math, science and reading established by the “No Child Left Behind Act”. This is another proof that education should be left to the states and that perhaps a single curriculum should be established nationwide with emphasis on basics. These days, a child in public schools could pass any test on sex, homosexuality and trans-sexuality (as long as there were no questions on abstinence), but would fail any American History test miserably (unless the test was about gay Americans and their contributions to society.)

It is a fortunate thing that our illustrious, foreign-born president went to Kansas to tell us exactly the type of communism he prefers. His speech could have been given by Karl Marx and no one would have known the difference. He has proven himself an aficionado of class warfare. He is willing to divide the country into rich (him and his cronies) and poor (what everyone else is becoming). He is willing to blame everyone and everything except his own failed policies in wealth redistribution. There is a rising tide of debt that is sinking all boats.

Michelle told Barack he could stay in Washington this week and diddle with his veto. Barack does not want the Keystone Pipeline project. Environmentalist constituents might become angry even though this pipeline has undergone more than three years of environmental impact study. All Obama ever had to do to create 20,000 immediate jobs and support 200,000 indirect jobs was put his signature to a piece of paper. The Unions are upset, because most of those jobs would have been union jobs. Yet, Obama takes money from both camps. His signature one way or the other would jeopardize campaign cash flow from one side or the other. Quite a political conundrum!

Oh! The war in Iraq (at least America’s participation in it) is over. There is still war. The Sunnis still hate the Shiites who both still hate the Kurds, still blow each other up with car bombs, still shoot at each other with AK47’s, still burn American flags in Baghdad’s streets and still suck up to the Iranians who now drool over the prospect of including Iraq in a triad of Islamic terror; including Syria’s Assad regime. Obama was at least polite in asking for our technologically advanced drone back. I would not put it past the martyr-obsessed Iranians to politely return their own version of the drone; carrying a dirty bomb.

Our full withdrawal from Iraq leaves behind over a trillion dollars in materials and supplies that we are not asking payment for. We have left the Iraqis with modern armor, weapons and technology enough for them to share with their Syrian and Iranian neighbors. The reason most of this material was left to the Islamic whims of terror was simply because the government did not want to spend the dollars it would take to retrieve it. The government will pass a one trillion dollar spending bill to keep their own paychecks flowing for a couple of months, but they will not spend the 10-20 billion it would take to keep our technology out of enemy hands.

Finally, there are several investigations in this past week’s news. We are not hearing much about Solyndra, but we are learning a little bit at a time how Obama helped his bundlers rake in a half-billion taxpayer dollars. The South Carolina Boeing case has been shelved as Obama was able to finagle a great deal for his Washington State Union buddies. Eric Holder, the insufferable racist and lying Attorney General is skating on very thin “Fast and Furious” ice. John Corzine has a serious credibility problem with the aptly moniker-ed “MF Global” debacle and finally, someone is looking seriously at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (I wonder if they will check on all the cash Obama received from those corporations?)

Oh, and before I forget. There was a headline about Al Sharpton’s tax debts too. But that’s been well buried in all the other liberal-socialist clap-trap that’s been going on. Let’s just say that had it been you or I with Al’s tax problems we would not be having a problem. We would be in jail for ten or twenty years and all of our personal assets would have been confiscated by the IRS to satisfy the debt. But Al Sharpton? No. That might be considered racist. Al’s just another liberal scumbag without ethics. For liberals that’s been the “new normal” since I can remember.

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