Rush Limbaugh is Right: We Need True Conservatism!

By: Michael John McCrae

Rush Limbaugh has a reputation for being right 97.6 percent of the time. The percentage is probably a little understated. He hasn’t endorsed any of the Republican candidates and probably will not until there are votes cast in the upcoming primary elections. That’s okay. That is also not the point of this column.

I was a Herman Cain supporter. Heck, I still am a Herman Cain supporter. The media feared Herman Cain. Herman Cain is a black man who is not African-American. He is an American. He is unabashedly Conservative. Liberals can’t stand Conservative or Constitutional Blacks. Just look at the often liberal smears directed at Clarence Thomas. See if you can find Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell or Star Parker on MSNBC.

Herman Cain was a direct threat to the liberal black president. He would have split the black vote. Obama would lose by a landslide. Liberals reached into their bag of dirt and pulled out a pack of lying women and without any evidence attacked a good man on behalf of a scumbag, communist president. Even worse, not one Republican came to Herman Cain’s defense. He was disowned because the elite Republicans wanted to promote Mitt Romney. But that’s not the point of this column either.

Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and now Newt Gingrich have all come under scathing attacks by the liberal media and the elite Republicans. The liberal-socialist Democrats haven’t had to join the chorus yet. The series of debates haven’t helped promote Conservatism in any way. When the polls put Bachmann, Perry or Gingrich in the lead over the Republican elite’s choice of Romney, Obama only had to smile and keep his mouth shut. Liberal Media and the Republican elite saved Obama from having to answer for his incompetency. (Still not the point.)

You might wonder why I haven’t mentioned Ron Paul or Rick Santorum. Well, Rick Santorum would make a fine president. He has been a leader. He knows the workings of Congress. He has been involved in signature legislation and has been largely free of controversy. I know that would change if he became as threatening as Mrs. Bachmann or Mr. Perry in the polling data. Rick Santorum is a Conservative who has not wavered in his message or his dim view of America’s direction under a do-nothing president. He has planned well and I believe he has campaigned and debated well. (Nope, not yet.)
Ron Paul is a dangerous addition to the field. He is a Libertarian who may have some very good economic ideas, but in foreign policy he espouses a dangerous form of isolationism that would eventually lead to a nuclear Iran and the unchecked spread of Islamic Radicalism. Yes, he polls well. He will not be the party nominee because the Republican Party elites have no time or patience for him and they cannot control Ron Paul as they believe they can control Mitt Romney. (Getting closer.)

I never thought there would be a day when George Will, Charles Krauthammer and Ann Coulter would disappoint me. With the Weekly Standard’s William Kristol they have collectively attached themselves to the elites who believe a watered down Mitt Romney is the only person capable of beating Barack Hussein Obama. They too, show their fear of Conservatism. They have said nothing to support Michelle Bachmann or Rick Santorum and they have completely trashed Newt Gingrich as a GOP Possibility. The truth is that any GOP Representative (Except for John Huntsman and Ron Paul) would smear Obama in the coming General Election.

The Republican elite establishment has let it be known they will not go after Barack Hussein Obama on any personal level. They will not discuss his 20 years attending a racist Black Liberation Theology congregation under “G** damn America” Jeremiah Wright. They will not dig into the allegations that Barack Hussein Obama preferred the company of homosexual men to that of women. In fact, you cannot name one single woman who swears Obama even kissed her, let alone raped her; telling her she should put ice on her bleeding lip. There are apparently no semen-stained dresses in Obama’s past.

The elites refuse to discuss Obama’s cocaine use, his communist friends, his relationship with mobster Tony Rezko, Rod Blagojevich or domestic terrorist (and ghost writer of autobiographies) William Ayers. You will not hear from any of the students supposedly taught by Barack Hussein Obama. They will not dig into Obama’s ties with ACORN and his community organizing which included hundreds of instances of voter fraud. You will not find out his relationship to the “Fast and Furious” program. You will never see Obama’s original birth certificate, his passport records, his school or college records or his records of voting “present” in the Illinois State Senate. The American electorate elected a smiling, lying, liberal-socialist, Marxist ghost in 2008.

The American Media was complicit. They would find a woman who gave Newt Gingrich a “humina-humina” 34 years ago and another woman who suffered emotional displeasure to being compared in stature to Herman Cain’s wife or the other woman who had a supposed limousine encounter with Mr. Cain while completely ignoring Larry Sinclair’s written accounts of his homosexual limousine encounter with Barack Hussein Obama.

The Conservative electorate has got to put its collective foot down. Republican elites selected John McCain to run against Hussein Obama in 2008 and had their heads handed to them. Those same elites want to pick Mitt Romney as someone they believe they can manipulate. The TEA Party needs to get tough. They need to tell the elites to go pound sand. The country needs Conservatism now and in a mighty way to bring it back from the brink of Third World status.

No votes have been cast. If Americans want to take the country back from the hands of the Marxists and keep the power out of the hands of elite Republicans who spend taxpayer money as brashly as socialist Democrats on 17 day Hawaiian vacations then Conservatism is the choice. Conservatism is hated simply because it restrains elite Republicans and socialist Democrats alike. You want an endorsement? Yes, I have finally reached the point of this column…

Republican Ticket for the GOP in 2012: Bachmann-Santorum!

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