What’s the Beef with Newt?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

I guess the liberals thought they found the Messiah when they first gazed upon Obama. But they found out the miracle bag was empty and full of hot air.

Now the so called conservative pundits are looking for their Messiah: The perfect human being that is 100 % conservative. I have some bad news for you all. There is no such person. Actually Rush Limbaugh may be the closest person to that mantra. Almost anything Rush puts through his analysis is conservatively bias but he doesn’t need votes to get where he is going.

So we have the social butterflies who want a Christian outlook. They demand prayer in schools. And they see Ten Commandments hanging all over like stockings at Christmas time. Oh yes, and Merry Christmas as well not just Happy Holidays.

Then we have the conservative economists who want smaller government.

Then we have the bed and butter stuff like conservative judges and politicians.

And you can go on forever trying to map out the conservative principles that are just right. And you can also try to capture a moon beam in a urinal.

All these wacko pundits or should I say most are trying to make stupid arguments that Newt is more conservative than Mitt and Mitt is less conservative than Ron.

We talk about baggage and all this nonsense. The real problem is that if Obama stays true to form he will have an economy by Election Day that is worse than it is today. The liberals are severely cutting Section 8 housing payments and child care payments. Nobody is going to vote for this idiot.

So quit making these stupid arguments. First figure out what you want to accomplish.
Keep it simple. We are not going to get rid of all the illegal immigrants. Funny thing is that they are now down to less than ten million according to liberal Bloomberg. That’s amazing. They went from 30 million to 9 million in about 3 years. Is that what they mean by an Exodus?

So pick out about 5 or 6 things that you want accomplished in the next 2 years. Then find the candidates that will take a pledge that they will accomplish those things.

Then you have to give that new president a congress with a majority that will support those six things. Think about Newt’s contract on America, but think bigger. No president can accomplish what he wants without a super majority in both houses. A majority won’t work. Remember what happened to President Bush? These liberals are brutal.

1. Balance budget would be nice. You have to be clear here. What are you balancing? Excluding real emergencies, should the tax revenue collected be greater then all the expenditures excluding entitlements?

2. Immigration is impossible to deal with, but the revision of the anchor baby rule would be better. Any one born in America who does not have at least one parent at the time of birth who is a citizen is not automatically a U.S. citizen. This eliminates the need for all this talk about fences and amnesty. And I promise you no one will come to America illegally unless they come through the front door first.

3. Roll back all real estate appraisals to 2007 numbers immediately. This will solve the jobs problem and the personal finance problem as well as create personal wealth and spending.

4. Repeal all of Obamacare and bring back the pre-existing condition provision which is in effect as long as your coverage does not lapse for 30 days. Give the employers and buyers more options when choosing healthcare.

5. Reward businesses that are started by Americans. Protect their products by tariffs or any other means. And make all foreigners who start businesses here pay taxes immediately. Eliminate the 7 year tax free provision for all foreigners.

6. Streamline Social Security. Keep it totally separate from disability and the other baloney. It will immediately be self sufficient. All other programs should be separate and held outside of the scope of entitlements. If parents die at 30, they didn’t pay enough into social security to cover 3-4 children until they are 21. Get them out of social security and put them some place else. As social security grows so can the benefits. It was not meant to fund every social program under the sun. Let it fund what it was intended to do that is retirement. Let’s put it in a lock box and keep the combination away from the stupid liberals.

Liberal Bloomberg said that for every foreigner who is allowed to go to school in the United States when they are allowed to stay here, they create 2.5 jobs. I would suggest that we allow these foreigners to pay full tuition with no American scholarships and send them packing, unless they apply to be American citizens. Let’s save American Scholarships for American Citizens only!

So you get the picture. You can go on forever. But keep it simple and nail it down to a few items. The main goal or aspiration should be to fix the American economy that has been destroyed by the liberal politicians.

We can worry about the other issues next time. If they can accomplish these 6 things in 2 years, that would be great. Then you can work on 6 more things for the next 2 years.

So if Newt or Mitt or any one else agrees to these items then great. They would be conservative enough for me to get it done. I don’t care if Newt had 5 wives and is still committing adultery. And we shouldn’t care if Mitt comes from one of the most liberal states in the union. The home of Teddy Kennedy the most liberal senator we have seen in our life time. Teddy probably financed Romney Care and he wrote no child left behind.
Who cares how much money Mitt has and how many jobs he lost in the American Economy?

The point is if they swear that they will accomplish those items and we supply them with a congress that is on board, then there is no reason why we should not help these leaders accomplish what we want.

So you can be the dumbest person on the planet, but if we keep it simple and they agree and we give them the votes, they will get it done! If not, they won’t be around very long. They will be replaced with leaders who can get it done!

Get off our candidate’s backs and come up with a real and a simple contract for America. We don’t need to beat the Republican candidates. We need to beat Obama and his liberal wackos.

You can eat an elephant. It is simple, but it starts with one bite at a time. Where’s the ketchup?


About The Author Dr. Phil Taverna:
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