Payroll Tax Cuts has Future Taxation Written all over it!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

They are at it again, when the liberals passed the payroll tax cut a few years ago it was a joke. It was suppose to amount to about $15 dollars per paycheck. I guarantee you that it will create a million jobs, maybe in China but not in the US of A.

But now the great Republican House is playing with the same garbage. So they don’t want to look like a bunch of hum bug jerks and get caught taking away the almighty payroll tax cuts during the Christmas season and while the First family is in Hawaii minus Barack.

This is not a tax cut like a President George Bush tax cut that comes from the general tax fund; this is the Obama Social Security Tax Cut.

This whole package is supposed to cost about $40 billion dollars in 2 months. The best part is that this is going to be paid for by your mortgages.

Hold on, I will try to make sense out of this joke, but let’s back up a minute. Every chance the liberals get they remind us that Social Security will be broke in a few years. So this $40 billion dollars is coming from Social Security for 2 months of pleasure. Hidden in there is the cost to extend unemployment benefits for another 2 months. Hey is there a line in Vegas on how far the unemployment benefits can be extended. And if China is getting all our jobs, why don’t they pay into our unemployment benefits?

So you will save 2% of your pay that would normally be deducted from you paycheck. If you are self-employed you are still screwed. And the employers still pay their fair share.

So if Social Security is in trouble why are we taking money from the lock box to allegedly stimulate the economy? So let’s laugh a little. They couldn’t stimulate the economy with $1 trillion dollars. Now they are going to stimulate the economy with $40 billion bucks. That’s about 4% of a trillion dollars. Good luck with that strategy. It’s always amazing when you see liberals in action! Some joker said today that if this is eliminated we could end up back in a recession. There’s another idiot. I didn’t know we left the Obama recession! How many idiots can you get to dance on the head of a straight pin?

Didn’t the liberals complain about Reagan’s trickle down economics? When they do it, they imagine it does work. You can trickle all you want, but Obama is not going to create any jobs by stealing money from the Social Security lockbox!

So the recap is that our senators just voted to steal $40 billion dollars from Social Security. The liberals have been doing this for years.

So the liberals want socialism. They screwed up Social Security and then they steal from the Social Security again. In three months they will steal from some place else to save Social Security. How dumb are these folks. And how dumb do they think we are? They will blame in unison how it was the Republicans that caused the problem. Any Republican Senator who voted for this bill should be impeached today for treason!

If they were smart, but they are not, they would give the discount to the employer and not the employee. They would get fewer votes, like they are really going to get some from this shenanigan. But at least they would have a shot at creating some real jobs.

This is only 2 months of damage. Please note which Republican Senators voted for this and what was their rationale? Was it just so they could be home for Christmas!

They will claim they created 20,000 jobs because of the pipeline they claim to save. But in 2 months they could be back to square one if Obama reneges on the deal. Obama gets more votes if he reneges on the deal then if he allows it to move forward. And the Republicans get the blame if the payroll tax cuts are removed. First off Republicans: Stop calling it a payroll tax cut. They didn’t call it Obamacare, why should you call it payroll tax cuts. Call it what it is: Stealing from the Old People tax! Now that can get you some votes!

They also extended the unemployment benefits again. Imagine the life of the lucky guy that hasn’t worked for months and years and he is still getting paid not to work! How European!

So this is the better part. They plan to pay back the $40 billion dollars by hiding a fee being added to all government back mortgages. So if you get a $ 200,000 mortgage in the future you will be paying about $180 bucks per year to pay this back …For this two months of pleasure.

Remember when FDR stuck his hands in your pocket for the first time; it left you with that warm feeling all over. Well they want to stick their hands in your pockets just one more time.

Remember Obama always and only wants to tax the rich. Well if you have a mortgage, Obama considers you to be rich. And just like the payroll deductions, this will never go away.

Does this mean politicians do not have government backed loans or they are exempt from this provision?

Everyone collects social security. You don’t even have to pay into it. Illegal immigrants can collect. Children of dead parents can collect. Disabled can collect. Just about anyone.

Now tell me again who will be paying the eternal fees attached to the mortgages?

So look at it this way. Just about everyone who pays taxes will receive this $40 billion dollar bonanza for TWO MONTHS. But the folks who are forced to take out a mortgage or refinance will be saddled with paying for this $40 billion dollars for a long time. Also the banks will have to pay to do the paper work and transfer the funds to Social Security. That is just what they needed. Betcha that $180 dollars grows to $400 dollars by the time everyone takes their cut! Thank God for the middle class!

Remember when the states allowed the Feds to tax your income, they were told back then that it was only going to be the rich that will be taxed. Well that didn’t work out too well. Once they stick their hands in your pockets… You have a friend for life!

If we had honest politicians they would cancel this payroll tax cut. It is and always was a stupid idea! Without gross spending cuts any taxation should be an impeachable offense! Balance Budget Amendment anyone?

If they cut the tax, the voters would think that anyone who voted for the Obama Social Security Tax Cut is an idiot and should not be re-elected. This is not the time to cut Social Security payments. But it would be a great time to cut payments to the Federal Government! When is congress and Obama going to pass real laws that will cut the pay and benefits going to all federal workers (except the military and security) including Obama and his dog! Hope and change is all about sacrifice isn’t it!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

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