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January 3, 2012

12 Days of Capitalism or Should We Say Socialism for the Family?

Filed under: Economics - 03 Jan 2012

We have arrived at a great divide. Does America want to become a capitalistic beacon or a socialistic albatross? You can’t have both! The Obama deficit is skyrocketing nationally and it needs to be stopped. Spending money we don’t have …

GOP Doesn’t Need a Civil War

Filed under: The Republicans - 03 Jan 2012

As a conservative I am somewhat dismayed to hear so many in the grassroots of the party dismiss, or outright slander, many within the GOP as RINO’s. Tools for the left who, while they speak the language of conservatism work …

Mexico’s feds dismantle local police force

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 03 Jan 2012

A major police department in Mexico has been completely dismantled by federal police and military forces as part of an anti-corruption plan to help in winning Mexico’s de facto war on drugs.


For years people wondered where did these peaceful geniuses go. Did the mother ship come down and carry them back to Jupiter or wherever peaceful geniuses come from? Did they evolve into a higher state of being?