Why Hollywood’s Liberals are… well, liberal?

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By: Jim Eschrich

Matt Damon. Academy Award winning actor. Activist. Author. Screenwriter. And dare I add, as it almost goes without saying, a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. So when I saw the title of an online article with his name in it (“Matt Damon Down on President Obama in Elle Interview”) I eagerly read on. Hey, I admit it, I love it when liberals eat their own. Anyway, the article went on to say that Mr. Damon is disappointed President Obama hasn’t done more. He has, in Matt’s words, “misinterpreted his mandate.” Liking Matt, or at least the persona he projects on-screen, I want to believe he was just trying to pay his dues to the liberal Hollywood establishment. I hope that’s the case, because if he truly believes what he said, well, Ron White, the comedian, is right: “You can’t fix stupid.”

First, let’s take his mandate comment. President Obama didn’t have a mandate by any historical measure. In 1984, President Reagan won every state except Minnesota and the District of Columbia. Actually, he came within 3800 votes of winning all fifty states. And President Obama’s margin of victory? He won 28 states and carried a little over half the popular vote.

Even if the electoral version of the tooth fairy arrived and waved her wand giving President Obama a Reagan-like margin of victory; it still wouldn’t justify the President ramming down the throats of the American people a massive new social entitlement called The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Why? Because he didn’t campaign on the issue. He talked around the edges of it, no doubt steering away from specifics so as not to turn off independent voters. What he did incessantly harp on during the campaign was his intention to broker a new era of bipartisanship in Washington. Yeah, okay, if he’s The Great Uniter, I’m Charles Dickens. I guess with Rahm Emmanuel as Chief of Staff, the President’s legislative efforts were doomed to leave in their wake all the goodwill of a forced feeding. And, a year removed from this landmark legislation being signed into law, we are still living with the aftershocks. A Supreme Court decision on the legislation looms. The public’s trust in its political institutions and politicians is at an all-time low. A give-no-quarter attitude on both sides of the political aisle has led to legislative gridlock. And, heading into the 2012 presidential election, the stage is being set for class warfare on a scale not seen before in this country.

And Matt Damon wanted President Obama to do more?

Look, Matt isn’t stupid, not by a long shot. He knows President Obama over-played his hand, but at the end of the day, he doesn’t care. You see the thing about Matt, and others like him, is that they’re too smart for the rest of us. They’re convinced they have a lock on the truth, and once they subscribe to that narcissistic notion, it’s a short jump to believing the end justifies the means. We’re all at least familiar with this impulse – you’d push your kid to the ground and risk skinning his knee if you thought doing so would save him from possibly more serious injury, right? You wouldn’t debate it. You’d just do what you thought was required and deal with the consequences later. And that, my friends, is how your personal freedoms and wealth slip through your fingers. It’s always done for the best of reasons, but unfortunately, the freedoms and wealth taken away are yours, and the reasons and power to take them, someone else’s.

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