Carpe Diem

By: Patti Bankson

The last gift has been opened, all the leftovers bagged and tagged, that laaast little scrap of homemade fudge scraped off the plate, and you’ve just come back into the house after sending the “children”, and their children, off with hugs, kisses, and “I love you’s”. You turn the music down so that the Christmas songs become a restful, soft background, and you finally give your feet and mind, a rest. You take in the sudden… and odd… quiet. The Christmas lights and decorations create a warm glow, softly holding back the darkness, and the end of one of the year’s most exciting and fun days.

Although you’re still dusting the North Pole snow off your boots… you’ve barely swept away the evidence, (and “aroma”) of reindeer on the roof, picked up Santa’s cookie plate, with barely a crumb left behind… (“Good cookies!”, he’d said in the note he left), and the empty milk glass that he’d set on the hearth before heading back up the chimney, when you suddenly sit up and smack yourself on the forehead: “OMG. What am I thinking?”… I don’t have time for this, this… this R & R, this lazing around. There’s a New Year that needs ushering in, and I’m the designated usher.” Santa may have a list of who is naughty or nice, but you have a master, Holiday To Do list, and it’s time you got a move on. Breaking out your list, you start at the top: all things Thanksgiving a, all things Christmasa… the New Year. #1 – Make resolutions. #2 – Figure out how you’ll manage to keep said resolutions… making, and keeping; resolutions Your most unfavorite thing to do. Roasting the turkey, baking the pies, cleaning the house for company… deciding what gifts to give whom, shopping and buying whatever gifts you decide on, then wrapping them to look as beautiful and “just right” as those you saw in your “Perfect Woman, Perfect Home, Perfect Everything” magazine, clean the house for company, again, all while keeping your every day life running “smoothly”, keeping a smile on your face, and a “song in your heart”?, well… to you, all that stuff’s a piece of cake compared to making unkeepable resolutions. You’re already sooo tired … “I mean, seriously, do I really want to run another marathon right now?”, you ask yourself. No, No, No!”, you hear someone shouting so loud it wakes you up. You open your eyes to see your husband and children… even your pup, ToTo… sitting there looking at you quizzically. “Bad dream, honey/Mom?” they ask.

“Yes! Very. I dreamed I’d lost my ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ in all the holiday work and fuss, and wasn’t enjoying anything, or anybody, and resolution time was approaching fast, and knew I couldn’t put anything on the list, because I’m tired of lists and of being busy, busy, busy. The dream reminded me that the most important thing I could do is make Right Priorities: God, family, then… well, that’s the best resolution for this coming new year, I think… 2012 will be my Carpe Diem year… the year I live and love in the moment.

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