The Mayan Calendar and Politics

By: Brooks A. Mick

Some people have fretted, suffering high anxiety, because the Mayan calender supposedly shows the world ending on December 21, 2012. Well, 2012 is finally here. I do not expect that the world will end, or even that mankind will be extinguished, in 2012. But I do worry that the end of modern western civilization will occur this year. The problem is that we have reached what some economists have called debt saturation, a situation where essentially all the money in the world is debt. Countries pay bills by borrowing from other countries which loan the money by borrowing it from another country, ad infinitum. The European Union is bailing out Greece, but meanwhile France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and other countries are massively indebted, having been spending more than they have taken in for years.

They used to count on the USA riding to the rescue, handing out bushels of dollars, but the USA had spent itself very close to debt saturation by 2008, and by 2009 Obama had pushed us over the economic Niagra Falls in a barrel and we also reached debt saturation. What debt saturation means is that the more the government spends in deficit financing, the WORSE the economy gets. This is the precise opposite of what John Maynard Keynes thought would happen. Keynesian economists, however, are incapable of learning, suffering from econo-Alzheimer’s disease, and thus continue to preach that the government should spend more.

Beyond debt saturation, plummeting down from the sky like a giant asteroid, smaller meteors have already begun impacting the economy.

1) Layer upon layer of federal (not to mention state, county, and city) regulations creating business expense chaos.

2) Taxes or threats of taxes causing businesses to seek shelter in economic bunkers rather than venture out and begin growing and hiring.

3) Executive orders putting our oil drilling offshore and in ANWR on hold, thus helping drive up energy costs and making us more dependent upon enemy states such as Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for oil. In effect, by preventing our own oil exploration and usage, we are funding terrorism directed against us.

4) Blocking the Keystone Pipeline deal, which prevents our obtaining oil from a friendly country, Canada, which risks angering the Canadian government, and which prevents job growth.

5) Pulling out of Iraq too precipitously, which makes that country less likely to be our friend, less likely to sell us oil, and more vulnerable to incremental encroachment by Iran, which would further raise energy prices and increase the risk of terrorism.

6) EPA regulations which are resulting in the shutting down of 72 coal-fired electricity generating plants. (Where did the greenies expect the electricity for their Volts and Leafs to come from, anyway?)

7) Our education system has become so warped that few voting citizens understand sufficient economics to know when their politicians are promising them nonexistent, unobtainable pie-in-the-sky and will vote irrationally based out on political propaganda.

8) Lastly, and possibly most significant in the long run, the confidence that citizens have in their governments, their police forces, their military, and other governmental entities has been eroded to the point where significant numbers of voters are considering goofy third-party presidential candidates and have no faith that either major party’s candidates will do the right thing.

Several questions come to mind:

A) Is Obama the disaster the Mayan calendar predicted?

B) Is Obama a rigid ideologue, incompetent, or deliberately provoking economic and political disaster?

C) Is there still time to save the USA and the world?

And one last thing: Whoever is the Republican elected president, and whoever those Republican senators and congressmen are who are elected in 2012, they BETTER START GRASPING REALITY AND DOING THE RIGHT THINGS NOW, for this may be the last chance of mankind. Otherwise, we are surely headed for a Second Dark Ages with no clear hope that a Second Renaissance will be possible.

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