The Sliding Scale of Conservatism… Which Way are We Sliding?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

One of the problems with all this arguing that’s going on, more so because it is an election year, is what is conservatism?

And how conservative can we be?

Think of conservatism as a sliding graph or a number line. Remember the number line in arithmetic. There was zero in the middle and the numbers that were positive went to the right and the numbers that were negative went to the left. Come to think of it, that may have been the only visual aspect of modern mathematics. After that it becomes all theoretical or abstract. And it separates the mathematicians from the hackers.

But what most people must realize is that the graph or scale of conservatism has been sliding to the left for a long time. The conservative of 1776 would be a whole lot different then a conservative from 1910. And a conservative from 1948 would be a lot different then a conservative of 2012.

I would hope that we all agree that the average conservative has methodically shifted to the left. So if we could plot this on the number line, the conservative from 1776 would be a great deal further to the right compared to the staunchest conservative of 2012.

The bad news is that we are not going back! No way, No how!

In my book, I deal with a great deal of numbers and stats but for today’s lesson, let’s think more along the lines of the economy. Let’s leave the other stuff to the side for now. That does not mean the other stuff is not important. It just means if we don’t take the economy out of the hands of the communists, the other stuff really won’t matter. The commies will control the tiller and the whole shootin match.

So what went wrong? By all accounts from the economic point of view; the founders pretty much had it correct. Basically don’t borrow money from any other countries. If you have to borrow money borrow from the American Citizens. (Don’t tax them!)

Don’t give the politicians a permanent job, let them go back home to their Day Jobs!

And the Feds were just there to protect national commerce and protect the country from countries like England.

How cruel they must have been, to think that Americans through capitalism could survive and prosper.

So basically if we look at the overview, it seems that the more the crooked politicians put their grubby hands around the almighty dollars, we will be saying hello to communism and good-bye to capitalism and conservatism.

So you are going to have to come to grips with the fact that we are never going to move this great country back to conservatism that existed 60 years ago. I am not saying it can’t be done, but human nature says it ain’t going to happen.

Keep in mind besides the greed, there is another human element. It’s the sense that you want to be taken care of by the government. And if you don’t ever need the care, it will be there for your neighbors or your family. It is like abortions, most women never had an abortion and probable never will, but they would vote for a commie who supported abortions even late term abortions.

And once you head in that direction, you are in deep doo doo. So why is that? It’s simple, once you ask the government for help that becomes a license to steal. It automatically becomes a mandate for crooks like Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd and Kennedy. Remember the discussion about the Obama Social Security Tax Cuts. So the idiots in Washington, Tea Party folks included, politically agreed to cut Social Security payroll deductions so that they can get re-elected. They didn’t have your best interest at heart. They were only thinking about themselves and re-election.

It takes real Americans to say let’s quit spending. But no American really wants to stop spending. If you are collecting Social Security you want your payments to go up and the coverages to go up. See what I mean. Then you hear stupid things like on Deal or No Deal, that you deserve the increase.

But you really don’t deserve it, because you kept electing and rewarding crooked politicians that just kept spending. So how do you teach the crooked politicians to stop spending? You have to agree it is too late for that. The first step is to stop paying them. If they don’t get paid, I will guarantee you, you won’t get paid either.

The other problem with human nature is the desire to have what someone else wants. For example, what happens when your spouse goes out and buys a new coat? Then you think you deserve to go out and buy something for yourself, even if you really don’t need it. The same holds true for the national economy. If we give more money to seniors by way of social security then others need to see more cash. It is just a natural phenomenon! It also helps the crooked politicians to get re-elected.

If you are not the stupidest person in the world, then you will begin to understand that socialism hasn’t worked and it will never work for the entire American family. It will work for the crooked politicians and their families and friends, but you will always be poor or middle class. You will always be on the outside looking in. And they want to make sure it stays that way. The needier you are, the more powerful they become. The Obama economy is a failure. Don’t you feel like a mouse in a maze? It seems you are taking more steps backwards then forward. But at the end you will elect losers that want to keep you in that maze while they become more powerful and richer!

We have more rules and regulations today then ever in the history of mankind. And remember each rule costs you money and freedom. So we need to meet a few important objectives. We have to stop spending money!

We need to become energy sufficient and plentiful. We should be in a position to sell energy not the other way around. Obama has been in office for nearly three years and there are no nuclear energy initiatives. If these idiots want to run 100% electric cars, do they realize they have to get the energy from fossil fuels or nuclear?

Could they be dumb enough to think if a car runs on electricity you just have to plug it into the wall and there are no fossil fuels or nuclear involved.

Conservatism and capitalism suffered a severe blow when our idiot politicians agreed to the Obama Social Security Tax Cuts for 60 days. Social Security does not have enough money to pay for its obligations. So how can the Republicans voted to pass the Obama Social Security Tax Cuts?

We have a lot of work to do. So the Republicans allowed the 60 days as a compromise and a promise that a year long cut can be worked out. If we can’t afford to do it for 60 days, how can we afford to do it for 365 days?

So I hope you can see the problem. Americans must stop asking for Federal handouts. The answer is simple. Once you ask for the handout, the crooked solution is laced with so many bad things economically, that we will never recover from the down hill slide of the economy.

And at the end of the slide there will be a bunch of communist progressives who will promise to fix everything through socialism. His name was Obama. His change was a whole lot different then what the 1776 conservatives would have allowed. Obamacare is laced with so many freedom robbing objectives it should scare the crap out of all conservatives and all Americans who are paying attention!

But today it is ok in the minds of the modern conservatives to spend more than you have and look to our heartless government to fix everyone’s problems. That’s true as long as all the crooked politicians are being paid well along with all the liberal judges and Federal workers. Change that trend and just maybe you can push the scale of conservatism a little to the right! Funny thing though, on the number line the numbers to the right are positive (abundant) and to the left they are negative (world of scarcity).

You make the call!

About The Author Dr. Phil Taverna:
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