When did the Feds become Corporate America?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

It’s kind of funny watching a bunch of crooks cut spending. Since the 1970’s under Carter the deficit has skyrocketed. Under Obama the spending line is almost straight up and down. And we ain’t seen nothing yet. So it’s easy to pick on Obama. He gets $400,000 a year as salary. For a CEO that is not too bad. But he has no responsibilities. That was obvious from the beginning it was all President Bush’s fault and he inherited it. But Obama is finding out that after 4 years, it is all Obama’s fault and his liberal policies and there is no place to hide.

But let’s look at the expenses that Obama has incurred. Remember it is not his responsibility to pay for the Secret Service, The fuel for travel, and all the other nonsense that comes with being a hands-on president. In the last month he has spent millions just to fly his family and himself to Hawaii for a 3 week vacation. When was the last time you took a 3 week vacation and you were paid for it?

But most of his travel seems to be political and not country related. A liberal can make it country related because if Obama is not elected for another four years the deficit just might be lowered. We can’t have that happen!

So in the end it seems like we have the fox in the hen house problem. I wrote about this in my famous book, but the folks in charge of the purse strings are actually over-paying themselves, their relatives and their friends.

If you look at the real corporate world there are always limitations. And the CEO must know his limitations. I think Clint Eastwood knew that as well. And if you didn’t know your limitations, you would surely make Dirty Harry’s day.

For a real CEO there is a reckoning. And basically we can call that solvency. At the end of the fiscal year there better be a profit and some dividends of sorts otherwise the CEO is gone or the entire corporation either goes bankrupt or is swallowed up by a corporation that has a CEO that can make a profit.

But some where along the way, the government became Corporate America without any limitations. In 1789 the president made $25,000. In 2001 they make $400,000.But for a guy like Obama, the salary is nothing. This guy and Lady Obama travel around the world on a daily basis. You would be hard pressed to find him residing in the Whitehouse for 2 days in a row. That means just about everyday of the year Obama is traveling. Hey maybe he has ant’s in his pants. Now keep in mind that doesn’t mean the secret service leaves the Whitehouse to travel all over creation with Obama. That means we are paying to fully staff the Secret Service in the Whitehouse while Obama and family tour the world.

And if he was solving national problems while spending all this money, that wouldn’t be too bad. But it seems all he is doing is vacationing, campaigning and fund raising. So again he has no responsibility, at least not to this country!

It wasn’t too long ago when the CEO’s from the auto industries were chastised by our congress because they flew to the congressional hearings in different corporate jets. You mean they couldn’t car pool with one corporate jet?

But you see there is a limiting factor for the auto CEO. If these auto CEOs don’t bring home the bacon, they will have to quit being a CEO and have to work for the government.

You must have heard about the $16 dollar muffin. They made the excuse that the price didn’t just include a muffin. But why is a government entity meeting in a hotel and paying for all these corporate frivolities? When was the last time you had an all inclusive paid for retreat?

Doesn’t the government own enough Courthouses and buildings that have many empty rooms to hold meetings? Why do they need to go to a hotel? Why do they need to have all these meetings if they can’t seem to do anything right? They can spend this money like fools because they are now Corporate America with no responsibilities or limitations!

So some how some idiot came up with the notion that if we are going to attract the best people to run the government we have to pay them like they worked for the top corporations in the nation. I think they missed the point. The point is that they are serving the country. I guess Kennedy should have asked not what you can do for your country but how much your country can pay you to work for the country. The skies the limit!

So the notion that we get the best people to work for higher salaries really hasn’t worked out too well. This country is in worse shape then it has ever been. Maybe it’s the corporate mentality.

Think of it this way. I haven’t heard this in a while, but celebrities making millions of dollars a week and they used to come on the talk shows and state that we don’t pay our teachers enough. But as far as we know, none of these idiots ever cut an extra check so that the teachers can be paid more. I think the celebrities were over using their under-sized brains. They fall into the trap of if we pay more we will get better teachers. That hasn’t worked out too well!

The average pay for a teacher in NJ is quoted as $63, 154 dollars in 2010. Now factor in a few things like benefits, number of hours worked at the school, and time off for good behavior. And remember in most cases the teacher has no responsibilities. At the end of the day it is either the school’s fault, the parents’ fault or the students are just plain stupid.

But in today’s economy there seems to be a great deal of money that must be paid out for each and every teacher. And some idiot will say if that’s what it takes then that’s what we need to spend. Then another idiot says that I want the best for my little Johnny… in your public school. Then you can see once we enter that mode, the sky is the limit and there are no limitations. The unions fight for pay raises and they don’t give a crap what the economy is doing. And they don’t care whether there is enough money in the government to pay the teachers and pay the exorbitant price tag on all the life-time benefits.

In a corporation if a department started to over-spend and was not making more of a profit in relation to the increase in spending, they probably wouldn’t be around too long. But that is not so with our corporate government. Keep in mind the median income is about $40,000 for the rest of America. My guess is that many if not all of these incomes do not come with government-like benefits. And there is a reason for that. Most businesses can not afford government-like benefits.

Now the new Obama jobs are only paying about $10.00 dollars an hour and have little or no benefits. And many of these jobs were paid for by taxpayer money. So do you think it is time for corporate-like six figure government jobs to be brought down to a sane level?

So you have to ask how can the government afford corporate-like benefits? The fact of the matter is they can’t. And since they have this quasi fake corporate mentality they think they can afford it and they deserve it. And that is the real problem. That is why socialism is so appealing to these idiots. They think or imagine that if they tax everything to the hilt, there will be enough money to pay for all these government corporate salaries and benefits.

So just maybe we need limitations. Maybe the balanced budget amendment should also include a limit on how much of the budget should be used for all the government workers for their salaries, benefits and their expenses!

I don’t know about you but that would make my day. And once that happens; you would see the American economy explode. Instead we see a bunch of idiots cutting money that is supposed to pay for social security (Obama Social Security Cuts). America does not need all these government jobs. And America does not deserve them.

Stop the world; I want to get off… Or maybe they should get off and leave our world alone!

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