Whom Will You Serve?

By: Patti Bankson
Watching the GOP debates has inspired me… to want to get up on that debate stage and tell the candidates to forget “talking points” and “b.s. rhetoric”… what all politicians need is a true, to-the core, philosophical and spiritual epiphany, after which the following message should be delivered: 
“America, I’m here tonight amongst a group, any one of whom might make the best candidate, and future president. Obviously, I’d like to be the last candidate standing, but only if my beliefs, words, actions, attitudes and history have convinced you I’m the one for the job, and not simply because I tore my opposition to shreds. Whether my shredding tool was untrue, inaccurate information, or the true facts of his life and career, it’s wrong. Fact is, there’ll be only one nominee, and I REFUSE to play a part in leaving us with a bloodied and broken human being, smeared with the stench and stain of ugly, manufactured rumors, in place of what was formerly a viable, worthy opponent. No, when the final bell rings, the smoke clears, and you-know-who has sung, the one with gloves raised in victory should clearly be someone of character and integrity… one YOU TRUST to do what’s best for our entire country. If, while painting myself as the only worthy candidate, I’ve battered and bruised the others, then I’ve cheated them, and I’ve cheated YOU. I’ve stolen your opportunity to know the pure, clean truth about us all… your opportunity to elect the RIGHT(eous) man who could, perhaps, put America first, and his personal ambition last.
     However dear my personal, political dreams to be the next leader of the greatest country in the free world, there’s something I want more… I want a strong, honest, Patriotic American candidate for whom we can confidently vote, knowing his deepest desire is to serve our country, and our people, well and selflessly…
 If you decide, based on true facts, that I’m the candidate who can do that, I’d be honored… if you decide, based on true facts, that you want someone else, I’d bow out gracefully, secure in the knowledge that I’ve done nothing to hide all the truth, or to sully his reputation, or to make him appear unfit for the presidency. Then… I’ll work wholeheartedly to elect that honest, selfless, believer in our Constitution that the people have chosen.
With the right men and women in Congress, and at each and every governmental level, committed to returning our country to what our Founders had in mind… to following The Constitution, not manipulating it to serve our purposes and to achieve our ends, I believe we’ll begin to make our way back to a more secure and rational governance, and will be truly free… again… free from over-reaching government, burdensome programs, and Big Brother’s big, fat nose in our business/lives… free to reach out for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness… free to reach our God-given potential, instead of living as “Big Daddy’s” hopeless, helpless step-child.
I believe that if we continue to bash one another as candidates, when we’re down to the last one, the one who’ll become our nominee… if all we’ve done is discredit, demean and destroy, what kind of nominee will we be left with? How will we feel we can, in all honesty, then give that man our support? Big questions would remain: Does he really believe….?? Is he a liar? A cheat? A power-hungry, me-and-mine-first, money grubbing…. Whatever? All the finger-pointing, accusations, attacks, and insults… served with a crooked little, condescending smile do nothing to make life better. I say to all the candidates, including the unopposed incumbent: Choose this day whom you will serve… YOURSELF, or YOUR GOD AND YOUR PEOPLE? “
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