Republicans Blew a Big Chance to …

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

It strikes me a bit funny that the debate for the nation turned out to be a cat fight. And I think the Republicans missed out on a golden opportunity to educate the folks. They should have used this opportunity to educate the folks on both sides of the aisle.  

Let’s face it the guy with all the money is going to win the nomination. It is not really going to matter what they say. And to hear idiots in Iowa say that none of the candidates can beat Obama. Well it is probably the same kind of folks that said no one can beat incumbent Jimmy Carter.  

So immediately they drag out folks like this chair person Debbie Wasserman Schultz and they make up stories. And granted there are a few million folks maybe several million folks that are going to vote for any idiot as long as he is in the Democrat column on the voting machine. Case in point, how many times did Massachusetts vote for Kennedy? And there was a time that Democrats were actually conservative. Good luck finding one that votes conservative today!  

So the people need to be educated. And this exercise leading up to the Iowa Caucus was a great opportunity to educate the people. Instead of saying Obama is a loser and an idiot, educate the people so they can tell or make up their own minds that he is truly an idiot. And by all accounts he is a crook. He is stealing your money each and every day and giving it to his friends. 

So Schultz wasn’t the Schultz in Hogan’s Heroes an idiot?  So let’s dissect what she says which is not true and educate the people?  

On Dec 20, 2011 Schultz wrote: “2.5 million Americans are now insured thanks to a provision in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) that allows young adults to stay on their parent’s health insurance, more than double the number previously estimated.” 

Is she saying that we spent all that money on Obamacare and all we got was this lousy tee shirt?  You may recall that there were 8 million folks without insurance and that was the main purpose for the liberals to pass commie Obamacare. Most of these folks were probably young people who didn’t need the insurance and wanted to spend their expendable cash on important things like cars and TVs, video games and ipods. Liberals wanted to take away that freedom and force the youngsters to spend their money on expensive healthcare!  

The other group was made up of illegal immigrants who could not afford the insurance or who were afraid to get documented with health insurance while still undocumented. In some parts of the country, that might raise a red flag. In some cities the red stands for communism and their liberal coffers are open to give free health care to all illegals, so why pay a premium?  

So I did some searching. There are only 2 claims that the liberals make for Obamacare. One is that there are 2.5 million youngsters on the healthcare plans of their parents and we assume they would not be covered otherwise. Not a real good assumption and the other provision was the pre-existing conditions clause.

So I went on line and made believe I had a 25 year old son and a 13 year old daughter and a wife. In the old days the parents would have been forced to take out a separate policy for the 25 year old son. So when I compared the premiums with and without the 25 year old the monthly premium difference was about $70 dollars on the family plan. 

Stated another way, to add the 25 year old to the policy the cost was an additional $70.00 dollars a month. The stupid liberals probably think that under Obamacare the 25 year old is added to the policy for free. Well that’s not the case. The insurance premiums go up if you add the 25 year old to the policy. Insurance companies never give away anything for nothing!  That’s why they make all the money. 

It gets better. If you bought a policy for just the 25 year old as a separate policy it only costs about $65.00 for the same coverage.  For those who can’t handle this advanced math. In plain English, if you bought a separate policy for the 25 year old it costs $65.00 a month. If you add the 25 year old to the existing parents’ policy that was allowed because of the Shultz’s Obamacare, it costs you $70.00 a month to add the 25 year old.  

So what this idiot Schultz is saying is thanks to Obamacare, 2.5 million people are insured. So these would be folks who are in college and over 23 years old and under 26. And it would include those youths not in college from 21 to 26 years of age. Everyone should write to Ms Schultz and say it in 2 words: Big Whoop! 

The same holds true for pre-existing conditions. The feds didn’t pay anything to the insurance companies. So the insurance companies increased the premiums for everyone to cover the anticipated costs to cover pre-existing conditions for a select few. Thanks but no thanks to Shultz. 

So at the end of the day Obama and Schultz have not done you any favors. As a result of the liberal’s Obamacare the premiums for your healthcare has increased and you were better off buying a separate policy for your child. You would have saved money!  

Now stuff like this should have been explained at the debates. Educate the listening public to the fact that Obama and his failed liberal policies have not helped anyone. It may have made more money for Obama’s friends and the insurance companies. But it has not helped any of the voters.  

So use the time now until Election Day to educate the folks. More than 50% don’t vote and about 70% of the others that vote are totally misinformed. Some are down right ignorant about all that matters. 

So when the Republicans get on screen they should inform the people. Obamacare is a failure because it has added not one of the 8 million uninsured to the policy for FREE. The 2.5 million had to pay an additional $70 dollars or $175 million to get the 2.5 million covered under Obamacare. (That’s assuming no pre-existing conditions) That’s also assuming that none of the 2.5 million were insured before… There is no proof of that and it is highly doubtful if it is true. 

So candidates don’t waste your time knocking each other. Spend your time educating and informing the uniformed. There are many idiots out there listening to idiots like Schultz. She is free to lie on all the media outlets. Let’s hold their feet to the fire and have them explain that Obamacare is a failure and has not supplied any FREE healthcare to anyone. 

With FREE liberal propaganda like Obamacare explained intelligently, Obama couldn’t win a dog catcher’s position. With his money he could buy it, but he couldn’t win the votes… No Way, No How!   So let’s end the cat fight. Use the time wisely. Get on the soap box and educate the folks to make them better and wiser Americans! 

Remember Obama was elected because the people took him at his word. They really believed he could deliver all this FREE stuff. They really believed he would cut the deficit. Last time I checked, politics is not a religion. Educate the facts and teach and you can fish forever!  

People have no clue what a $15 trillion dollar deficit represents. But they do know when their public housing Section 8 payments are cut in half! They do know when they pay more for healthcare and real estate taxes and rent and gasoline!

Just explain why all these things are happening under the liberal policies of Shultz and Obama. They promised us everything; they delivered to us nothing but pain and suffering!

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