The Price For False Security

By: William P. Frasca

Our Freedoms are constantly being invaded and under attack. We must not allow this to happen. We must stand up and defend them? We all knew that our elected and appointed officials on all levels, of our Government are trying to limit our God Given Inalienable Rights, bought forth and initiated by our Forefathers which are documented in our Constitution.

This malicious unconscionable thievery from those elected or appointed ingrates is an abomination, which must be immediately stopped, but must also be continually observed. The unscrupulous must never be permitted such power and control. They will make numerous efforts to justify, stymie and manipulate us into doing their bidding, by mutilating and circumventing the Bill of Rights, in the name of National and Personal Security. One our most famous American intellect, who had a major role in the establishment our Great Nation, Benjamin Franklin once said,” Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserves liberty nor security”.

Did we actually ignore his words of wisdom and warning by selling our souls willingly to The Government of the United States of America, for a phantom form of protection? Have we finally thrown our hands up in the air, surrendering to all those who wish to have total control over our lives as free Americans? Have we lost all our voices in controlling our own destiny, by following like sheep to slaughter? We the people have been placed in a cube and forced to dance to the tune of piper. Our outcries have been muted by the elite liberal fascists of our Society. We are now living in a Country with limited freedoms, and we don’t even realize this is happening? Why have we placed ourselves in this compromising situation?

Let’s speak the truth for once without the fear of being called a racist or bigot. I will freely accept these false labels from all those who cry wolf and used these meaningless, empty words to silence the masses, in order for me to exercise and preserve my precious God Given Inalienable Rights? No one should worry about any accusations manufactured by the Liberals and the Progressives. They used these tactics to maneuver those with a self imposed guilt, handcuffing them into offering penance, to for all those horrified situations created in the past, which has no bearing on themselves, the present or the future. Wake up! This is just another form of manipulation? Don’t fall into that trap!

Most terrorist acts of violence committed or attempted, planned or enacted by Muslim extremist, yet we hear horror stories of forced humiliations inflicted upon and endured at the airports of selected innocence. They are initiated by the Gestapo tactics used by the (TSA) Transportation Security Administration. They target so called random, natural born citizens, harassing our elderly, our infants, and our children. They degrade individuals by strip searches and groping body parts in the name of being politically correct, with no accusations of profiling. This is an abomination, especially in a so-called free society.

This false security is only smoke in mirrors, because these illusions that are being performed in full view are countered by behind the scenes parcels of all shapes and sizes are loaded onto the planes without any scrutiny. Is this what you are selling your freedoms for, a cheap incompetent performance?
Now they have their eye on the prize, the most useful essential educational tool used in today’s market for multiple forms of pertinent information and communication, which is the internet. This gives everyone the opportunity, young or old, rich or poor to express themselves fairly and equally.

It offers an excellent alternative, balancing out the bogus falsehoods and foolishness pertaining to the mainstream Liberal medial, on radio, television and all printed materials, that are erroneously used to sway their audiences at every turn the be brain washed by their warped sick philosophical ideologies, whether, they like it or not. Imagine if we didn’t have the internet, our President Barack Hussein Obama; The Chosen One would be untouchable, given another free ride of ineptitude, while displaying all his Socialist words, deeds and action, without criticism. He and Michelle would be placed on a pedestal and worshiped as perfect Monarchs. How disgusting!

If this happens then the Government would have succeeded, in obtaining a stranglehold on our freedom of speech. They could use this in an attempt, to shut down any news organization, websites, public or private, leaving it to their discretion in determining whether they should stay, be shut down or eliminated. Thumbs up or down hail Cesar?

The Government could then have a free reign to withhold pertinent quality of life knowledge. Secrecy will be maintained in any or all unscrupulous measures from the public relating to any activities. Criminal punishments can be administered, to silence any objections. This is a scandalous outrage. Every person should stand up and express their anger. Are we just going accept our rights to slowly diminish by these demigods of self admiration and corruption?

Peacefully write, call, and voice your opposition towards their arrogance or any Bill that could intimate, punish or limit the Power of Free Speech, or any of our God Given Inalienable Rights. We must never yield to the unprincipled, dictatorial Politician. There must be a constant watch, because they are reprehensible. Our freedoms are too precious to lose, because of complacency, political correctness or freely allowing the ignorant and self serving to have unlimited powers to forcefully rule over our lives.

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