Rick Perry is Fed Up! Who Gets to Decide How We Live!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Rick Perry has written a couple of books. And Fed Up! is quite interesting. There is no story telling or giving away life’s secrets. It is straight to the gut as to what the liberals have done to this country and what we need to do to fix it.


I can’t agree with all that he says, but he does bring a few good points to light. But since he presents a view point as Governor of the Great State of Texas, this presents a different picture to the rest of America. Those of us that attended schools that actually taught history or government/civic classes of some sort, we were indoctrinated in the concept of balance of power. But we were only taught about the Federal balance of power.  You know the balance of power that is supposed to exist between the President, Congress and the Courts. This of course has been turned upside down by all the liberals in all branches of government, especially the judges.


But Governor Perry brings up another balance of power that exists in the Bill of Rights and the first 10 amendments of our Constitution; there is a balance of power between the States and the Federal Government. And Rick Perry explains how this has been eroded away. I would say it is an addiction. The States want to keep spending and they look to the Feds to give them money which is actually their own money in most cases.


But he also states that when the money is returned to the States that there are so many strings attached that it is not worth it for the states to take the money. But it would be political suicide if the states don’t.


He names a few areas where this occurs. Education is one area. If the states want the money they have to jump through hoops. You have to follow their rules made by liberals instead of the rules that the States have made. You see this in every aspect of the unconscionable relationship between the States and the Feds.


Look at Obamacare. A bunch of liberals created this mess in a liberal toilet somewhere in DC. Most uninformed people thought that Obamacare would give FREE healthcare to 8 million people who did not have healthcare. It doesn’t cost over a trillion dollars to give 8 million people healthcare!


So the purpose of Obamacare was to change that balance of power. Once all the states have to answer to the Feds for healthcare it is all over. People like Pelosi, Hillary, Frank and Dodd and Obama will determine how much you will pay for healthcare. They will determine where you will get treated. And they will determine how you will be treated. And more importantly they will determine how little the people will earn while they are administering the healthcare to you and your families!   

This is while the Feds who have no responsibility will be making 6 figure incomes with lifetime benefits.


And you can look in every aspect of federal intervention and interference and you will see the same problems.


So you have to ask how come this happened when we had 2 senators representing our state and a bunch of freeloading representatives protecting our state’s interests as well.


Now the representatives will tell us there is nothing they can do, they were out-voted. But in almost all cases they have failed the test for the balance of power between the States and the Feds. They had their hands out for Pork and instead of pork it looks like our greedy and corrupt representatives and judges bought us a life of eternity with a ball and chain wrapped around the States’ freedoms and pocketbooks. This entitlement or enshacklement has caused limited growth and prosperity in almost all states of the union.


So Governor Perry has a great book. If you want to take a no-nonsense look at what went wrong with the power of the States and how they lost it all to the Feds, then you owe it to yourself to take a gander at this great book. If you are Fed Up then follow the Yellow Brick Road!


But if I can, a solution hit me broadside. In my famous book I image the country being better off if we divided the country in areas that are liberal and areas that are capitalistic.

And this concept could be foolhardy, but at least the country would be happy. The Tea Party folks could live happily in their area and the occupiers and commies could be happy in their area. This sounds like a great idea but the commies don’t have the money to pull it off.


But something jumped out at me from Perry’s book. Instead of writing about principles and all that good stuff, he painted a picture of the money. Rush says always follow the money. And if you are not the dumbest person on the planet, you must understand that nothing happens in this country unless someone is getting paid off.


So let’s say for argument sake that you live in a capitalistic state and most people are conservative. Let’s say Texas is such a state. Now Governor Perry claims in 2007 that the average Texan paid $1,691 in state tax, $1,750 in local taxes and $8,916 in federal taxes. So Perry approximates that about $2,229 of the Fed money is spent on security and the rest $6,687 was spent on other federal stuff.


Let me ask you a question: Would Texas be better off if they kept the $6,687 dollars in Texas and not send it to Washington to be squandered?


So Texas writes to DC and they tell them that we feel the State’s rights have been violated. And we ain’t going to spend any more money fighting you people in your corrupt courts. Just like a tenant if the rental unit is not inhabitable, we are going to hold the taxes in escrow until the Feds fix the problem.


Now all these spineless characters in DC will have diarrhea for a long time. So you say by January 2013 we will start holding back all the previously mentioned funds and hold them in savings. We will withhold some of the security money to support our Texas National Guard but the rest of the security money we will forward to DC.


We expect that the federal government will return the states’ rights back to where they were in 1900. And the federal spending will be reduced to such an amount where Texas only pays on average per citizen about $4,000.


Take this a little further and let’s say 8 or 15 states join in the rebellion. Keep in mind that the states were supposed to have a say in how the Federal government is run. It wasn’t until FDR started sticking his hands in your pocket and the 16th amendment that the Federal government went way out of control.


So it is time we regain the balance power. The states should have more say/balance of power in how the Feds treat them and how much they get in return for the money they pay to DC. And there needs to be a curtailment of all the regulations that drive the state’s budgets into deep red ink. So the states can regain their power by shutting off the spigot of cash flowing from the states to the Feds in DC.


It is estimated that Texas paid $225,390,904,000 to the Feds in 2007. If we extrapolated, that would mean that Texas would withhold in 2007 about $169,043,178,000 dollars. That’s about $170 Billion American Dollars. If The Federal Government did not respond adequately then by 2008 the Texas coffers would have over $340 Billion dollars sitting in the bank. That’s about a third of a trillion dollars. Things would get interesting. Texas would all of a sudden realize that they could spend their own money way better than the Feds. They could have their own health care, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and still have a bunch of money left over! They could fix all the interstates in Texas and still have money left over!


This would be easy to accomplish, just have all the Texas’ citizens and businesses send their checks to the State treasury instead of the Feds. The accountants could send their forms to the feds. But all the withholdings and payments should be made to Texas to be held in escrow.


So what can the feds do? The first thing Obama would do is have Holder file some kind of a lawsuit. The Texans could say you have to go through the Texas Court system first. If not, we wouldn’t be going to the federal court system. Could you imagine if 13 states like Texas did the same thing? And by all rights and looking at the constitutions, since the states’ rights have been violated and abused, the States do have a right to balance the status quo.


The funny part is what does the Federal government do next?  Can they charge all tax payers in Texas with treason? It doesn’t fit the definition. Can they send in the military to shoot the non-paying citizens? Again they can’t because the citizens did pay; they just ain’t going to turn it over to the feds. The money will not be turned over to the Feds until they roll back all these stupid laws and regulations so that they are in accordance with the US Constitution which was ratified by Texas as well as all the other applicable state constitutions!


So for the first time in a long time, the Feds will be forced to sit down with the states and turn back the clock. The states will realize they are better off managing their own finances rather than having the money being siphoned off by the crooks in DC.


Disclaimer: Liberal states should double their taxes and send all their money to Obama and the liberals in DC. They can spend it better then you can!


It would appear in very short order and without lawyers, crooked politicians, judges and special interest groups we can return order to the simple task of governing the good people of the United States.


It would be much easier to fix a state then to try to fix a country.


Who gets to decide how we live: Crooked politicians or the Good People of the States?

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