Barack Hussein Obama: Captain of Disaster!

By: Michael John McCrae

Liberal Media (CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, New York Times, NEWSWEEK is in the tank for their favorite foreign-born-but-elected-usurper, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.


Media will tell us of Mitt Romney’s legal Cayman Island accounts, albeit with such innuendo as to make Romney seem a tax cheat (Geitner, Daschle, Rangel, Sharpton, come to mind). Media will tell us of Newt Gingrich’s personal, sexual conversations with his ex-wife of ten years without one word of explanation about any Democrat (Weiner, Kennedy, Frank, Edwards, Jackson, come to mind).


Media will have conniptions over Republican Romney’s 15 percent tax rate after already paying the legal 35 percent tax rate on his personal income without one breath over democrat John Kerry’s 12 percent tax rate for the hundreds of millions he married into. Media will tear into Gingrich for going to Tiffany’s to buy his wife an expensive gift out of his personal fortune, but will not comment on the eighty golf outings and myriad vacations the Obama’s took both jointly and separately on the taxpayer’s dime.


Barack Hussein was given a great gift by the American Liberal Media. He was not vetted. He admitted his birth father was not an American citizen. That is an immediate disqualifier for the office of President of the United States. Barack Hussein Obama has not released his education records at any level. We do not know how he attended any school he claims to have attended. In fact, he may never have attended any school.


We are told he once held a professorship. He was a teacher. Yet, there has not been a single interview with a single person; admitting to being a student of Barack Hussein Obama. Did Barack Hussein Obama ever have a girlfriend? There is a writer who has published a book that tells us of Barack Hussein Obama’s homosexual boyfriends, (a couple of those having met untimely ends) but there isn’t one peep about Barack Hussein Obama’s love life in a mainstream media blitz that is perfectly willing to dig into Romney Sr.’s suspected polygamous past; completely ignoring Obama Sr.’s known polygamous past.


I could even include Fox news in this mix of media ignorance. Fox’s top talking head, Bill O’Reilly seems more a Barack Hussein Obama apologist than someone “Looking out for (me).” He fears any backlash from his audience should he personally begin digging into phony birth certificates, associations with incarcerated felons, racist preachers, domestic, ghost writing terrorists, pro-Palestinian terrorists, radical La Raza activists, SEIU thugs, ACORN voter registration anomalies, unconstitutional recess appointments, communist czars, slush money to failed green technologies, trillions of dollars of stimulus that failed to create jobs; rather lost over 2 million jobs over three years. The list can go on.


Barack Hussein Obama has been a complete disaster for America. America has lost its triple-A, financial rating and may lose its double-A-plus rating soon. Obama has asked for another 1.2 trillion dollars he doesn’t have; spending the country into another fiscal year of unmanageable debt. When Barack Hussein Obama was faced with creating 200,000 jobs with one simple signature on one simple document, he refused; preferring to pander to his environmental activist friends than to help the country towards energy independence and lowering the price of gasoline.


There is no question in my mind that Barack Hussein Obama is anti-American. Every policy he has implemented has hurt the American economy. Media says his intentions are good. His intentions are all that matter. It is the Republicans that are causing all the pain. Well, I’m sorry. Barack Hussein Obama had the collective legislative wealth of Democrats behind him until the 2010 mid-term elections. He began dismantling America the day he took office. Although the House of representatives is now controlled by Republicans it hasn’t mattered. Barack Hussein Obama and Harry Reid have conspired to keep the Republicans from cutting, capping and balancing the budget. Obama has bypassed the legislature on numerous occasions to implement unconstitutional mandates against small, private sector business, banks and individuals.


What America is experiencing is Jimmy Carter’s second term in office, only on a much grander scale. Jimmy Carter was a one-term president because he was not a leader. He was a socialist engineer. Barack Hussein Obama cannot even claim that distinction. Obama is simply a socialist who has read and agreed with Karl Marx’s philosophical point of view that capitalism is bad, redistributive socialism is good.


Barack Hussein Obama should not be permitted to run for a second term. He has not been vetted. He is not a “Natural Born American”. His Selective Service Card has been a proven forgery. His Birth Certificate has been proven forgery. He has not released his passport records and has no proof that he was ever returned his American citizenship upon his repatriation from Indonesia (where he was not permitted to hold dual-citizenship to attend Madrassa). He has held multiple Social Security numbers under several different names. His current Social Security number is from a State he never resided in. His illegal immigrant aunt and uncle have still not been deported.


He will not release his academic records. Did he attend college as a foreign exchange student? Were his grades so bad that he was promoted through school (as many are today) anyway?  Are his Harvard legal writings so poor that they are shut from view for being such poor examples, or are so radical as to show a reader how badly Obama was influenced by Saul Alinsky?  Why are none of his students so proud to have been taught by Barack Hussein Obama they are unwilling to speak of their wonderful professor? Why is it there is only one person in the United States proudly proclaiming a homosexual relationship with Barack Hussein Obama (in a limousine no less)?  Wasn’t it limousine sexual innuendo that got Herman Cain tossed as a Republican Presidential Candidate?


Well, I hope Michael Savage is right. Barack Hussein Obama will not go down with the ship. He will not take responsibility for running America into the rocks. He’ll blame the rocks, the ship and Republican legs for tripping him into the lifeboat. Nothing is ever Barack Hussein Obama’s fault. His intentions are the only things that matter. Barack Hussein Obama is the Captain of Disaster.

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