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January 23, 2012

The 2012 Republican Primary and the Seeds of 1966

Filed under: Elections & Voting,The Republicans - 23 Jan 2012

By Samuel G. Casolari, J.D.

The Republican primary contest has come down to a choice between Mitt Romney and the anti-Romney. It is another in a series of battles between the non-conservative and conservative wings of the GOP. Arguably, the political …

If Republicans Want to Win, They Must Rebrand “Capitalism”

One of the simplest rhetorical truths is that the side that defines the vocabulary of a debate wins the debate. Yet, amazingly, we still see experienced conservative politicians with access to advanced polling operations and an array of advisors …

January 22, 2012

Lloyd’s Life Lessons: The Importance Of An I Love My Wife Day

Filed under: Potpourri - 22 Jan 2012

Please do not think I am lobbying for Husband of The Year. I am not. However Mary, my beautiful wife of thirty years, has proven herself to be a wonderful gift from God to me.

In love and gratitude, from time …

Military Modernization: Back to the Future

Filed under: American Military - 22 Jan 2012

President Barack Obama’s vision for modernizing the U.S. military is little more than an exercise in “back to the future.”

Consider: Back in 2001, the armed forces were nearly a decade into positing what 21st-century warfare would entail. These considerations were …

CAIR and ACLU: Court blocks anti-Sharia law in Oklahoma

Filed under: Courts, The Law & The Judiciary - 22 Jan 2012

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit upheld a lower court’s decision to block the implementation of an Oklahoma constitutional amendment that would prohibit courts from applying — or even considering to apply — “Sharia law” and “international …

Conservatives Get Stupid, Again

What a let down. Here conservative Republicans were so close to respectability and even acceptance in polite society. In Prince William County, VA where I live, conservatives convinced themselves we’d come far from that time in the recent past …

January 21, 2012

Republicans Blew a Big Chance to …

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 21 Jan 2012

It strikes me a bit funny that the debate for the nation turned out to be a cat fight. And I think the Republicans missed out on a golden opportunity to educate the folks. They should have used this opportunity …

The Price For False Security

Filed under: American National Security - 21 Jan 2012

Our Freedoms are constantly being invaded and under attack. We must not allow this to happen. We must stand up and defend them? We all knew that our elected and appointed officials on all levels, of our Government are trying …

Boeing Gets Last Laugh?

Organized Labor was all aglow. After the National Labor Relations Board decided it was going to tell Boeing that the company could not shift production from its union shop in Seattle to its non-union shop in South Carolina, there …

President Obama’s myopic view of the Muslim Brotherhood

Filed under: War On Terror - 21 Jan 2012

President Barack Obama’s view of the Muslim Brotherhood is based on his — and his advisors’ — apparent rationale that the Islamist group is reformed and much more like the American and European models of pluralistic societies.

Offended? Get Over It!

Jennifer Ahlquist is offended. I’m offended. Anyone else offended? Have you filed your lawsuit yet? Me, neither. But, Jennifer Ahlquist has.

Don’t know Jennifer? She’s a student at Cranston High School West, in RI, who sued the city of Cranston, and …

January 20, 2012

Former President Carter meets with Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 20 Jan 2012

The chairman of Egypt’s new Freedom and Justice Party — a/k/a the Muslim Brotherhood — met last week with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

The stated purpose of the meeting was the ongoing Egyptian transition process and the recent elections.

The Tebow Effect

Filed under: Academia, Media & Hollywood,Religion & Faith - 20 Jan 2012

The Tebow Effect Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow is an unapologetic, outspoken born-again Christian. No politically correct, careful not to offend anyone, skirting around the issue of his faith for Tebow. When interviewed after winning a game, …

Musings on the week ending 1/14/2012

Filed under: Politics In General - 20 Jan 2012

Democracy – “To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain.” Louis L’Amour.

Politics – Only 18% of Americans now believe that the country in on …

The Republicans will Take Over the Senate

There are two things that the GOP needs to accomplish in the elections this November: they need to win the Senate, and they need to defeat President Obama. I’ll save defeating President Obama for another time. The Senate races are …

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