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January 19, 2012

Views on the News – 1/14/2012

Filed under: Politics In General - 19 Jan 2012

After a few of the latest Obama assaults on the US Constitution and liberties of We-the-People, some in the media appear at last to have come to the realization that Obama is and has been a dictator. Even some …

Readying Romney for the Class-Warfare Machine

If Mitt Romney gets the GOP nomination, prepare for a season of class warfare in America unlike any before. Not only has President Obama been pushing class warfare unceasingly for three years now, but his chief strategist, David Axelrod, has …

Keystone XL Pipeline

The proposed Keystone XL Pipeline project would connect the oil sands in Alberta Canada to the United States gulf coast. This nearly 1700 mile distance would be spanned by way of a 36″ pipeline. This would allow significant new oil …

Bubba Takes The Cake: At last, the Clinton Legacy

Former White House pastry chef Roland Mesnier likes Bill Clinton, so there’s no reason he would have made up the story he told at the Katzen Center for the Arts, as cited by an article in Washingtonian magazine’s Capital Comment …

January 18, 2012

Obama Not as Strong as he Thinks

Filed under: Elections & Voting - 18 Jan 2012

It’s difficult to defeat an incumbent President. It’s only happened 10 times in American history, but this November can be number eleven. Yes, the President has certain advantages. He has the power and dignity of the office, universal name recognition, …

Dangerous Regulations

Filed under: The Nanny State - 18 Jan 2012

Congress passes about 300 laws in a typical year. But federal bureaucrats enact more than 3,000 regulations annually. Hundreds of regulations have the impact of law. But they often don’t receive appropriate scrutiny before they’re put into effect. And they …

Lone wolf Islamic terrorist attacks Alabama cops

Filed under: Featured Conservative,In The News,War On Terror - 18 Jan 2012

In yet another “lone wolf” Islamic extremist attack, a young man claiming to be a Muslim allegedly shot and broke the windows of businesses in Gadsden, Alabama, Sunday morning. The motive for the vandalism was to ambush any and all …

January 17, 2012

The Myth of Bad Republican Candidates

Filed under: The Republicans - 17 Jan 2012

Repeat a big Democrat talking point often enough, and it becomes the truth. There is a certain liberal narrative that has recently filtered down to many independents and even some conservatives: the idea that the current crop of Republican …

Sports, Concussions, and Contemporary American Culture

Filed under: Potpourri - 17 Jan 2012

If you follow professional sports, and especially if you are a football or hockey fan, you undoubtedly are aware of the rash of concussions that have rendered players unfit to play. Now there’s a rash of lawsuits being filed against …

Republicans Attempt to Change a Light Bulb

I don’t know precisely how many Republicans it takes to change a light bulb, but I can tell you that 289 are evidently not enough. That’s how many Republicans are in the House and Senate, yet they can’t accomplish a …

Can Freedom Survive or Is the Fix In?

The Republicans have a habit of nominating moderates who have served the Party well, or as the Soviets called them apparatchiks, or as they are called in Chicago Ward Heelers, or as they are called everywhere else Hacks. That …

January 16, 2012

Hating Tim Tebow

I grew up in Denver and am admittedly biased. I’m a Denver Broncos fanatic. In the Mile High City, the Broncos are more than just a football team; they’re an institution.

Occupying True North in 2012: The Year of the Entrepreneur

Filed under: Economics - 16 Jan 2012

This is the time of year when 2012 prediction lists abound. I am struck by how many lists have included some reference to a surge in American entrepreneurship during the next year. Entrepreneurs are clearly being counted upon to act …

V&V Q&A: On the ‘Red Card Solution’

Filed under: Immigration - 16 Jan 2012

V&V: Criticizing your “Red Card Solution,” Ann Coulter recently said that immigrant workers holding red cards could “stay, take American jobs, have children, receive welfare benefits, attend public schools—and eventually be granted amnesty.”

Marco Rubio: The Epitome of the Anti-constitutionalism and Intellectual & Moral Bankruptcy of Our Time.

In a previous paper, I explained the shift from the philosophy of our Framers, which was based on Logic, Fixed Principles & Judeo/Christian Morality, to the pragmatist/existentialist mindset of today. With our mindset of today, we are “freed” from …

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