Anybody but….

By: Patti Bankson
It started out being, “Anybody but Obama”, then morphed into, “Anybody but Romney”. Actually, that’s where it started, with Romney… whoever started that little slogan, and those who jumped on the “Anybody, but” bandwagon afterward, thought Romney was sure to be the Republican candidate who would (could?) win the party’s nomination, and go on to become President. If I’m not mistaken, that started “way back when”… when we had, what was it, nine candidates? Let’s see, there was former MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty, successful GA businessman, Herman Cain, former NM Gov., Gary Johnson (currently Libertarian Party presidential candidate), U.S. MN Representative, Michelle Bachman, Jon Huntsman, Jr., former UT Gov and Amb to China, and TX Gov., Rick Perry; all “drop-outs”. BTW, please note all of them either now hold office, or did, formerly. That’s the big election message, I think… local and state elections matter, just as much as Presidential/Federal… if you want a say on issues, and candidates, don’t stay home in your recliner on those election days. BTW#2, the citizens of Apopka have a dismal voter turn-out record. What’s the problem, people? I know you’re not content to let others make all you life-altering decisions, because you complain as much as anybody when you don’t like those decisions. Hope if you’re one of the complainers, you’re also a faithful, committed, voter!! Anyway…
The reason we’re at this “Anybody, but…” stage is because there’s something “wrong” with all the remaining presidential candidates: Mitt Romney is too “Hollywood-Perfect, leaving him Looking Good, while he seems unable to reach out and touch anyone… and he’s “too nice”, no skeletons in his scandal closet. Then we have Rick Santorum, who also seems to have no skeletons rattling around in his closet. Unlike Newt Gingrich, whose campaign song could be “The thigh bone connecta to the knee bone”… remember that silly song? He’s also too feisty and bombastic, in a “go-get-‘em” kind of way that, in spite of it all, seems to resonate to the point of cheers and standing ovations. Last, but not least, there’s Ron Paul, who is considered to be just a leeetle bit too “wacky”.
So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen of the conservative/Republican persuasion. The candidates, talking heads and pundits have all done their jobs and their homework. On January 31, it will be Florida’s time to do our job… hopefully we’ve all done our due diligence and are ready to get out there & rock the vote!
P.S. If you’re one of those out there, looking ahead to the general election, (still) leaning in Obama’s direction, before you pull that lever, or make your mark, ask yourself THE question: are you better off now than you were before Barack Obama? Millions of people across this country… Conservatives, Independents, and yes, gasp! even Democrats are screaming, “Nooooo!”, because we realize that if he’s re-elected, (Shudder!) every day will be an ugly, déjà vu day… until he’s done driving America over the cliff that already looms before us. Don’t give him permission to keep driving. Please.
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