Do What I Say

By: William P. Frasca

The Republican nomination fight is on; there are four corners to the ring, where each candidate stands. The tremendous blows so far are being thrown by Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. Both gladiators are blocking the potential damage by weaving and bobbing to avoid that final knockout punch. The other two, Rick Santorum and the ever so out spoken, closer to the Libertarian views and ideologies, Ron Paul are moving ever so slowly towards the center, ready, willing an able to deliver a painful kidney punch. Their ineffectiveness to elaborate on the positives, assisted by a deaf and dumb media and lack of internal support from their own Party establishment, are proving to be a hindrance to their campaigns, except for Romney.

It seems as though the fix is in, with the death warmed over, Old Grand Old Party, fixtures endorsing Romney, jamming him down our throats weather we like it or not. There are a few renegades, supporting his opposition but for the most part it’s Romney, their anointed hand picked, controllable poster boy? As they’re battling it out, Obama sits in political luxury, relentlessly, guarded in an atmosphere of untouchable bliss, blaming everyone for America’s downfall except for himself, the number one culprit

The smart money is still being placed on the incumbent, who is the odds on favorite, even with all his incompetent Socialistic mishaps is Our President; Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. He realizes that complacency, Republican internal fighting, and electorate ignorance is his number one asset and ally. He sits in the back ground, with unlimited financial resources and a protective shield of political spin and false praises. His cronies demonstrate a relentless obedience of personal humiliation in defending his dysfunctional existence as his obvious title and so-called Leader of the Free World. His bought and sold puppets of liberal associates in the communications and performance industries hold key spots in brain washing our youth and the ill informed albatrosses of our community.

The first Lady Michelle Obama has appeared on numerous shows from renovating homes for the less fortunate, to popular children variety sitcom, which offered help, and support to our military families. This is geared to reflect a sympathetic view of her dedication towards the American people and our Military. This smoke in mirrors tactics which will attempt to affect and sway the young and the naive that she is still proud to be an American, as long as it meets in her self imposed standards, relating to her mental capacity of maneuvering them towards her dominate demands and her way of thinking.

Yet during the tenth anniversary of 911, in New York, during one of the ceremonies, at Ground Zero where this tremendous catasophere was viciously enacted by Muslim terrorist extremists. She showed her true colors, at a respectful demonstration honoring our precious American flag. She arrogantly leaned toward her husband, the President, and was caught on camera saying, “All this for a Dame Flag”? This was mysteriously hidden and kept a secret by the main stream liberal media to the American public, why? What despicable display of disrespect? What a snake? The President just smiled, with a grin and gave an accepted yes sigh with his head.

She has the ability to be a very negative force over America and the American people, by inflicting her will on a society already decimated, by a runaway Government. She has the gall to dictate a way of life in her own image, which she controls every aspect of an individual’s dignity and independence. She even places boundaries and limitations on the consumption of food, manipulating life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, while she is constantly caught doing the opposite. “Do what I say and don’t do what I do” is a familiar quote which comes to mind, while her Kool-Aide supporters of idiocies praise her every move, and tries to wipe clean her tarnished characteristics.

Any person with a small amount of intelligence knows we are being fooled once again by the Marist Socialist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives. These familiar tactics are so clear that the most expensive costume couldn’t disguise the Obama’s shame. No matter how much they attempt to increase their popularity and regal grandeur appearances. The biggest problems we as a Nation confront are all those metal midgets, who haven’t a clue, and believe their abominations of lies.

The time is now to change America’s leadership before it’s too late? 2012 is a very important year for America. Don’t get fooled again? If we continue to sit idly by while these demigods flagrantly dismiss our Constitution and all of our Inalienable Rights, then we don’t deserve having them? Are we going to preserve and defend our liberty and freedoms, or just give them away without protest? We are in control of our destiny. This is a wonderful, fantastic Country in which “We the People” are in Control, not a King and Queen? Remember and don’t forget to exercise your power of the vote and change our course back to greatness. The time is now, to save ourselves, our freedoms, our Constitution and our Country?

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