Brian Ross is a dope… a Diva he is not.

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

ABC has always been part of the liberal media entourage. It reminded me of the days of Dan Rather when he saw evidence where there was no evidence. That’s when the right side of the brain is most useful. No Facts, just imagination!

Nobody in his right mind would interview Mrs. Gingrich and really expect her to be believable. It was obvious she was a pissed off ex-wife who dreamt about Tiffany money being spent on her. But that was not going to happen. And to think Brian Ross and the goons at ABC would waste their time to interview her and air it 2 days before the SC primary is in one word stupid.

They sent Ross all around the circus and he claimed since the Republicans preach family values, then it was fair game. So these liberal idiots seem to grant themselves a license to tear anybody apart if they are Republicans on personal issues.

When Clinton got caught it was between him and Hillary. It was a personal matter. When Johnny Edwards got caught the liberal press was slow to move. But there are family values here. Hillary is still married to Billy Bob and Johnny allegedly has asked his mistress to move in so they can be a family. These liberals have family values, then why are these liberals exempt from the wrath of the liberal media and blogs?

I don’t get it. The Republicans have had a zillion debates and family values have not been an issue. It has all been about the economy and the constitution. It has been about the deficit, taxes and terrorists. It has been about illegal immigrants.

Since this fiasco was about a quest for open marriage that made it an issue. The guy wanted a divorce, what kind of an open marriage did she alone create in her head? Some spouses always think the other spouse will come back.

Obama has been hiding stuff for about 5 years. How come goons like Ross are not out there interviewing Obama’s classmates? What about his drug mates? They are out there, probably easy pickings. If you paid them as much as you paid Mrs. Gingrich, I am certain they would make up any story you would like to hear.

For centuries we have been aware of the liberal and bias media. But this was the first time that ABC made a big boo boo and then they sent Ross around to cover it over.

Ross said they were looking for material on Newt and his policy decisions. Well I guess Mrs. Gingrich wasn’t aware of anything Newt did at the office. So instead of folding up the tent, ABC decides to run with this bias piece. Even O’Reilly said he would not do the story. No one in his right mind would do a story like this unless they wanted to hurt Newt.

Ross also admitted he had the scoop on Romney’s Cayman Island accounts. Again ABC had nothing. I think it is ok for blogs and other characters to come forward and preach all they want about useless nothing. But ABC used to have a standard. I think they called it journalism. Ross and his liberal pundits have reduced ABC and its affiliates to a bunch of useless, bias has-beens.

They sit there and they wonder why Fox News does so much better then ABC. In every poll that has existed, Fox News always polls more fair and balanced then ABC. In other words when they add up the positives and negatives they have covered on the air, the negatives and positives kind of balance out on Fox News. But on ABC the negative comments outweigh the positive comments. Stated another way, there are a higher ratio of positive comments to negative comments when Obama comments are compared to McCain comments. And the same will hold true with ABC no matter who the Republican candidate is.

But in the South Carolina primary the attack on Newt seemed to back fire. Everyone knew about Newt’s marital history. It had been around for years. And there were probably a lot of women who held that against him. It appears as the public saw this woman and the hatchet job she was trying to do on Newt and his character and ABC’s family values, it became obvious that this woman may have had some issues and problems. And ABC was not the place for this woman to appear. Was she divorced? Did she receive a fair and equitable settlement? Has Newt ever said a disparaging comment about Mrs. Gingrich? And more importantly how much did ABC pay her for the interview?

In the end I think even O’Reilly was shocked at the poll numbers for the SC primary. He thought this would be damaging to Newt. But I think Ross did Newt a favor. He put a face to the problem and the problem will never surface again. So Obama, Biden and Romney can no longer use this woman’s story to hurt Newt’s reputation. It is clearly off the table. The blogs will always find fodder, but anyone that allows this to resurface will be ostracized by the community.

Now as more people stop watching the ABC news and their affiliates, instead of spending all that money on marketing, ABC should fire all the liberals that work for ABC including Ross and go for a more fair and balanced approach.

My thanks to Ross, he may not be able to sing like a supreme, but he has helped Newt in more ways than were expected. Maybe Ross can find a link between the housing crash and the appraisal fiasco caused by the Democrats and the banks. The banks are still making money on all those short sales and foreclosures. Way to go Democrats, Ross and the banks.

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