Romney 47% is not a “Landslide”!

By: Michael John McCrae

The “Drudge” headline was simply: “Landslide”. I don’t think so. Forty-seven percent is not a landslide. It might count as a “majority” vote: still fifty-three percent of Florida’s voters did not vote for the establishment Republican’s more liberal candidate. Florida’s voters decided the Conservative and Libertarian candidates were the more important choices.


All the arguments have been put on the electorate’s table. We have seen the anal examinations of all the Republican front-runners and the candidates are doing a bang-up job on each other. It seems everyone is ignoring Barack Hussein Obama. Obama has never had to face (or bend over for) the type of anal exam liberal media has been harping against Republicans.


If Romney held a truly conservative line, liberal media would be carving him to shreds. That the liberal media wants Romney to be the Republican nominee simply tells me they do not fear Romney or his watered-down version of Republican leadership. Obama unilaterally walks all over the current crop of establishment Republicans, and they keep smiles on their faces because they have power, want to keep power and don’t want to appear racist.


It seems Romney enjoys dirty, lying politics against true Conservatives. His campaign has slung so much dirt at his Conservative opponents; cities need dump trucks to haul away the political dross. He has no such vitriol for Obama or his communist czars. Romney simply does not speak ill of Obama and he probably will not talk about Obama’s suspect nationality, Obama-Romneycare, his relations with Tony Resko, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, ACORN, SEIU, Solyndra or the several hundreds of thousands Obama sucked in campaign cash from Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Romney was all over Gingrich about that!


Perhaps Romney isn’t a liberal. He once described himself as a “moderate”. Well, what is a “moderate”? A moderate is a fool who sits back watching the trees in the wind. If the wind blows to the north, a moderate heads north, south, east and west until he’s completely out of the wind. He doesn’t have to make decisions. He just has to agree with decisions. He doesn’t have to lead. He can pretend he is leading by hiding behind the decision-makers.

Hell! We have someone like that in the White House right now! (Yeah, I wrote “Hell!”) His name is Barack Hussein Obama. Until the elections of 2010, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were the puppet masters of economic decay. The Republicans might be the majority in the House of Representatives now, but our string-puppet, President Obama insists (again with Reid’s help in the Senate) on blocking any and all attempts by the House to reform legislation and cut entitlements. Obama is ruling by Executive Order Fiat; usurping the budgetary responsibility of the House, while Harry Reid in the Senate has failed by law to draw any federal budget for more than 1000 days to this point. Every Democrat Senator should be impeached for dereliction of duty.


And how about those establishment Republicans? Do they call for investigations? Do they call for impeachment against a President so obviously unconstitutional? Do they investigate 400 visits to the White House by Union thugs? Have they bothered to ask the President to stop taking so many vacations and golf outings and actually sit down in his office to work? Hell! (Yes, I wrote “Hell” again.) Obama’s days in the White House are beginning to look like his 143 days in the Senate! He didn’t accomplish anything there either. He was schmoozing Democrat butts from day one; attempting to angle himself into the nation’s good graces. He was a do-nothing before he got elected into Illinois’ dirty, political world. He was a do-nothing state senator. He was a do-nothing Federal senator and now he’s officially a do-nothing president.


This brings me back to Romney. Romney will not beat Obama. Romney is already beat by the liberal media and his unconstitutional love for “mandated” health care. Everyone agrees that Romney’s health care plan in Massachusetts is Obama’s blueprint for Obamacare. Entitlements will not be cut by Romney. They will expand exponentially. So…what is the difference if Obama or Romney is President?


America is screwed if it allows the liberal media to pick John McCain…er…Romney, as the Republican candidate for President. I’m sorry. Forty-seven percent is NOT a “Landslide”!

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