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February 7, 2012

The Case of Dr. Chadwick and Useless and Expensive Regulations Gone Too Far!

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Regulations and laws are way out of control. And the more lawyers we have and the more government we expand the more regulations you will have and the more useless they become.

UFOs, Abortion and the Novelist Who Poses with Typewriters

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In a Wikipedia entry under ‘Frances Parkinson Keyes biography’ is found a finely preserved picture of the late Mrs. Keyes sitting at a typewriter. There is no paper in the typewriter and there is no paper to be seen anywhere …

A Politician, or a Statesman?

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In today’s political society of corruption, the crying need of the hour is for people of real character and integrity to enter the arena as Jimmy Stewart did in the classic film, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In his innocence …

Occupying the Lunatic Fringe

Recently outraged Internet theologians took umbrage at my refusal to join the effort to transform Jesus into a big government, liberal Democrat that supports the Occupy squatters.

Most echoed secular interpreters of Christ who claim, “Jesus shares many of the values …