Obama and the Last Campaigning SOTU: Believe it or not?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

We live at a time when we are blessed with all the internet and 24 hour news cycle programs and no public figure should be able to get away with lying.

And shortly after Obama’s 65 minute speech two liberal pundits began to fact check the president’s speech. It was quite shocking. It was more of a campaign speech then a plan or map for the success of the nation. And for the most part we have heard the same rhetoric before and it was a lie then and it is a lie now. But to be fair to a liberal it is not a lie. Since liberals dominantly use the right side of their brain, they don’t need facts to draw conclusions they only need imagination which is the mainstay of the right side of the brain.

It is quite funny that a few days later Obama didn’t mark himself present at the hearing in Georgia as to whether he is qualified to be on the ballot. For the most part Obama and his lawyer chose not to defend his record. On the record the petitioners were allowed to place issues about his social security number and his proverbial birth certificate. There are issues about the necessity to have two citizens as parents to be a candidate for the president. These are issues for the Court to decide. But if Obama was an honest man, from the beginning wouldn’t he show a valid copy of his birth certificate and come up with a reason why Obama’s Social Security Number may not be fraudulent. Romney and Newt were quick to show their taxes and contracts. Why not Obama?

So it would be silly to expect a president with so little honor to be truthful when delivering a speech about the State of the Union. What would Jesus say? Would Jesus tell the truth? Or would he just perform slight of hand tricks and call it another miracle?

Let’s start with Bin Laden. President Bush chased Bin Laden all around Afghanistan trying to book him for his final pilgrimage. For the most part Bin Laden was hiding away in Pakistan with little or no power. And it was the Navy Seals who executed Bin Laden. It may be true that Obama gave the order, but did he really. The story seems to be changing. It seems that Bin was trying to grab for his weapon when he was executed. Now that’s self-defense. The only problem was that Seal Team Six gathered up all this Bin Laden secret intel which would have saved millions of lives. Obama made it useless by making the death of Osama public. If Obama had a half a brain he would have kept it a secret until October 2012.

By all accounts Osama was a mad man and was killed. At the time of his death, he appeared to have little or no power in the world of terrorism against Christian nations. But Obama is going to play it to the hilt. The main question is does Bin Laden’s death help the American economy and does it create jobs in America. So Obama gets another “F”. It is wonderful that Osama is dead, but it doesn’t do a thing for the United States.

Obama in his last SOTU said he was going to fix the mortgage industry.

He campaigned and said: “And that’s why I’m sending this Congress a plan that gives every responsible homeowner the chance to save about $3,000 a year on their mortgage by refinancing at historically low rates.”

This is why he is considered the “idiot president”. I understand if a homeowner is paying a high interest loan and he can take advantage of a lower interest loan, then he could save $3,000 a year. But he would also be losing the $3,000 tax deduction. I am only kidding.

But what will this do to the economy? Idiot liberals will say that the person will now have $3,000 more to spend on the economy. But this doesn’t help the home owner that is in foreclosure and short sale. And this does not help the homeowner who can’t pay the mortgage.

So the only person this helps is the person who is not under water. Has been paying his mortgage and is interested in refinancing to lower his monthly payment. Most of those that could take advantage of refinancing their mortgages would have done so already. And in doing so, the banks made more money in the process!

In most cases if the mortgage is relatively new, the interest rate is already low. If the mortgage is over 15 years, it may not be worth it to refinance the mortgage. Under the Obama Payroll (Social Security) Tax Cuts there will be a monthly fee added to all new mortgages and refinances. Obama calls that taxing the rich!

Even Jimmy Carter has to be rolling his liberal eyes over this stupid idea. Obama plans to make the larger financial institutions pay the fees and it will not come out of the deficit. I won’t even go there. These folks have made billions with our stimulus money; they are worried about the Obama fee? I doubt it.

But if Obama had a half a brain, he would understand that the refinancing will not help the housing market one iota. The problem with the housing market is the value of the appraisals. This was artificially lowered by the Democrats and banks in 2008, why not bring the appraisals back up to where they should be. Then and only then can he save the housing market and the American economy!

If Obama doesn’t want to do that then he can change the rules. Is that what Jesus would do? Normally a mortgage is written on a home for about 80 to 90% of the appraisal. Change the rule to 120% of the appraisal value. If this would happen universally, at the record low interest rate the housing market would return overnight to the 2007 boom. Now that would help the economy and that would create American jobs!

Let’s say you have a house underwater, you could refinance your mortgage or sell your home for a fair price. That would not cost the taxpayer anything and the provision would be available to everyone. This would eliminate all foreclosures and short sales that is where the bank screws the home owner to the wall, something Jesus would not condone?

Let’s say you want some extra cash? You refinance your home. You would receive thousands of dollars and you would spend it. And pay it back in the next several years. This would also help the economy.

I think you get the idea. Change the rules and the economy will come back. All the houses pulling down the home values would disappear and the market would return to normal.

And most people who would refinance their mortgage would have done so already if their appraisals were worthwhile. So Obama’s great idea is stupid. They don’t need rules for refinancing changed; they need the rules for appraisals to change!

Then change the rate back to where it was over time. In 2012 it is a 120% differential. In 2013 it becomes 115% and this continues until the market returns to the 2007 standard before the banks and liberal Democrats sabotaged the housing market to make tons of money and win the 2008 elections.

Instead of lying about helping, why doesn’t Obama change the rules so the home owner has a chance to get out from under a bad deal? Really wasn’t a bad deal, the banks and liberals screwed the homeowner in 2008. They just didn’t understand that the greed that caused the demise would be the same greed that would not allow the housing market to return to the 2007 levels.

This fix doesn’t cost the taxpayer a dime and it would fuel the economy to a new level. No new taxes would be required. Just one line in the Government regs controlling government backed mortgages.

Instead of hundreds of lines of Obama’s baloney in his last SOTU, how about one good line that will return the economy back to prosperity! That is change I can believe in, how about you?

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