An Attack on the Catholic Church is an Attack on All

By: Craig Chamberlain

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

The left loves to prattle on about the separation of church and state, though the phrase appears nowhere in the constitution. They continually ignore the free exercise clause. Leftists have always regarded religion-especially Christianity- as a bulwark against their designs. If a person believes in God more than he believes in the power of the state he might resist rather than click his heels and salute. When the state grows everything else must shrink. The left supports anti Christian causes, whether it’s gay marriage, abortion on demand, or whatever their victim group of the month is, not because they care about these people but because they are a useful vehicle for eroding religion and thus breaking opposition to the state.

The latest salvo against the first amendment rights of the American citizens is the HHS order that ALL Catholic institutions are required to provide contraception and abortion inducing drugs as part of their health care. Put aside your own opinion of contraception, and the Church’s teachings, this is an assault on all religious belief and should be an affront to all Americans, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or irreligious.

This isn’t a law passed by Congress, but a decree by a President who as given up on any pretense of following the constitution. What this is about is chasing the church out of what the state considers to be its territory. They are hoping to close down Catholic hospitals, and even Catholic schools, and then move in and take over. There won’t be any alternative to the state. Or they get the church to ignore its teachings and violate its conscience. If this is what happens then the state knows that they can order any church to do whatever they want them to do, and it won’t be long before they come for Protestants, Evangelicals, Mormons, or anyone else the administration thinks is standing in its way.

This is dangerous precedent. If a President can order a church to violate its own teachings then any future President can(and probably will) act as if religion is under the control of the state, punishing churches that oppose them, rewarding churches that support them. President James K. Polk, one of our most underrated Presidents, understood that religious freedom is fragile, and not to be messed with. During the Mexican war a group of ministers urged the President to use the military to attack the newly arrive Mormon settlers in Utah. Polk reasoned that if he could attack Mormons then what was to stop him from attacking Methodists, Baptists, or anyone else? Wiser heads prevailed in that instance. Can the same be said here?

The Democratic party has been waging an unrelenting war against religion for the better part of fifty years. The radical secularists took over the party and they’ve had no tolerance for people of faith since. In their view nothing, and they mean nothing, can be allowed to stand in the way of unfettered statism. Christianity is a threat therefore it must be marginalized through a brutal propaganda campaign in the media and silenced by our political leaders. Such thinking is often dismissed as paranoia, but let’s look at the evidence.

Hollywood, through countless movies and TV shows, constantly depicts Christians as narrow minded, violent, and hypocritical. Mindsets that go directly against the teachings of Jesus Christ. All clergy are repressed sexual deviants, churchgoers are badly educated and will obey any command their diabolical masters will give them, and above all they’re hate filled. If Hollywood could get away with it they would try to convince America that it was a bunch of Presbyterians that took out the World Trade Center on 9-11.

The Obama administration is trying to tell Catholics that their beliefs mean nothing. Conform, or be run over. This is not the first attack on religion by the Democratic party. Just recently the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that the churches are the only one who can decide who is a minister and who is not. This was against the stance of the administration who argued that churches fell under equal opportunity laws as well and they were the ones who would decide who qualified as a minister. They ban any public display of religion. Public prayers, nativity scenes, and the ten commandments are all considered too extreme by the Democratic party to be fit for public consumption. Heather has two Mommies, on the other hand, is a sacred text. They constantly try to end tax exempt status for churches. What better way to regulate religion than to put it under the thumb of the IRS?

I’m not Catholic, but I stand with them. This is just the latest in a long line of attacks on the free exercise clause in the first amendment. Anyone concerned about the constitution should oppose the Obama administration. Catholic, Protestant, or whatever. All should demand that the government should back off. Our constitutional liberties are under constant assaults, they have been considerably weakened, and if President Obama gets reelected we might not have any rights in any recognizable sense. If President Obama gets a second term it will be increasingly difficult to describe this as a free country, or ourselves as free people.

Today it’s the Catholics, tomorrow it’s everyone else.

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