Ann Coulter: Has she left the Reservation. Or is it all about Demonic.

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Demonic is quite an amazing book. As I have always written there is something to learn or re-learn in every book, unfortunately it sometimes takes a long time to get to the nitty-gritty that is worthwhile reading.

Before we get into Ann’s book a couple of quick comments please. Ms Coulter has always struck me as being a little off base. As a woman she has really played the field and has promoted herself as this outspoken Republican conservative. I appreciate her efforts; she is like the Bill Maher for the conservatives. Since most conservatives use their left side of the brain more than the commies, they are more subdued and looking for real answers based on real facts not just a bunch of liberal mumbo jumbo.

When Ann attacked Newt I think she lost a lot of her fans. Most of what she said was not true and I don’t think it really helped the cause. Now she wants to promote Romneycare. There is no way that any care controlled by the government can be conservative or capitalistic. So in a nutshell it is all communistic and progressive and liberal.

Hopefully we can give Coulter a pass because the more outrageous she becomes, the more she is out there and the more money she makes for speeches, appearances and book sales. Now that is capitalism. Ann must realize that the government had nothing to do with the money she earned. Therefore it is capitalism.

Ann’s book takes the works of Gustave Le Bon and attempts to rationalize what drives a crowd. Or better stated what is the catalyst for the mob? Monsieur Le Bon authored books in the late 1800’s. And basically any mob like the Occupiers or just about any mob that does not have a purpose or a cause is evil or a bunch of demons. Or are they possessed by a bunch of demons?

When Ann starts to write about the French Revolution it was a shocker. I recall things like the Reign of Terror, but for the most part I thought the American Revolution and the French Revolution were similar in most respects. Both countries had a Monarch in control and the revolutionaries wanted to get rid of the unwanted and unfair control of the Monarchs.

Very few Americans died in America compared to the French. And they won the war and then they were free. The Americans also were organized and based their freedom on religion and the constitution. And they were led by the greatest President even if he owned slaves, George Washington.

The French on the other hand were really screwed up. Did you ever watch a show like Bonanza and the town or a group of men with guns surround the jail and they want the sheriff to release the prisoner so they can lynch him. Well in the movies guys like Wyatt Earp stood up to the crowd or the mob and they backed down. But I would imagine most of those prisoners ended up being tried, judged and executed in very short order right on the spot. And for the most part the Mob was never held accountable. Elliott Ness couldn’t be in all places at all times.

Well that type of mob mentality describes the French mentality during the revolution. These people were brutal. They gang raped, mutilated, murdered and then after they did the off with the head routine they paraded around the streets with the head on a pole.

And all the folks that were being paid to protect the kingdom gave into the mob. They were soon executed. The priests were executed. The Catholic religion was thrown out of the country. And people who were causing the executions and were the executioners became executed a short time after. Maybe that is where we get the expression what goes around comes around… In the end: Landing your head right into the catching basket of the guillotine. Splat!

So the French had no constitution, no religion just a bunch of wackos. And this is very similar to Russia in it’s hey day. The first thing the leader would do would kill anybody who would be a threat to his power. And is this any different then the terrorists. But they claim to have a religion but they think nothing of beheading or stoning one to death for unsubstantiated reasons. So do these folks really have a religion, or do they base their religion and their actions on their interpretation of something that really isn’t there.

Ann Coulter’s book takes you from this fiasco of evil to all other mob ruled events in history.

So if you look at America for the last century or so, we have been ruled more and more by the Mob. Let’s be careful. What do we mean by the Mob? The Mob is someone that runs or is driven by an ideology based more so on emotion and imagination then by reason and facts and not by an ideology based on a document like the constitution.

In comparison look at the Tea Party folks. They had a purpose. They believe in the purpose. For the most part they are religious and patriotic. And at the end of the day they believe in capitalism and the American Flag. For the idiots in the world: Not the actual flag and its cloth but what it represents and the history that it has unfurled above.

The occupiers are very much like the folks of the French revolution. They have no leaders. They have no purpose. They probably don’t believe in a thing they just know what they hate and if they really thought about it they wouldn’t know why. But as long as the mob works its magic or demonization, they just move forward in mass to cause pain, destruction and mayhem, because they are the Mob.

But the way they treat people: Is that the way they want to be treated and their families. The policemen they hurt and injure would they like someone to hurt them or anyone in their family in the same fashion? So with a little bit of reflection do you really feel good about what you are doing? What about the property you are destroying. Would you want someone to do that to your property or the property of your family?

One of the points that just jumps out at you with all these mobs is the lack off religion. Some would argue that the French did have a religion, but was it really a religion or more like liberal propaganda. One of the chief impetuses for all mobs to work is the lack of morality. This becomes easier once you throw out religion and things like the Ten Commandments. Then it is real easy to behead folks, take away their property, and kill their families.

Sadam had no problem killing over 200,000 defenseless people. Did he have religion? Did he have any morality or was he just insane? There are many rulers all over the world and throughout history that had no problem killing millions of people. Were they moral? Did the mob condone all these deaths? In not one case did a person like Sadam kill thousands; it was the mob that did the actual killing.

In this country 58 million babies have been killed because they were guilty of the inability to sustain life. I betcha if you would have left them alone they would have sustained life with gusto! Maybe not all would have a chance to survive, but most of them would.

I think what Ann is saying about the mob is that it is their mentality or state of mind that causes this problem. Look at morality on TV. Alright I guess we should ask what morality. Teachers are having sex with the students and the liberals argue how somehow that should be moral. After all they were consenting.

Billy Bob Clinton was a sleaze and sexually harassed many consenting women, but it was moral because he was under a lot of pressure.

As you can see over the last century the liberals have chipped away at the Goddess of Morality. And the liberal media is actually looking for a reason for all the problems we face today. Maybe they should look in the mirror!

So at the end of the day things will need to change. Do you want Mob rule. Le Bon characterizes them as exemplifying: impulsiveness, irritability, incapacity to reason, the absence of judgment and of critical spirit, the exaggeration of the sentiments, and others … (p 205). What is the definition of insanity? How different is it?

Also think about it, are these actions of right or left sided brain people? If you can’t have your way or the way you dream about or ways taught by liberals would you illicit these responses. A left sided thinker would look for rationality and facts. My question do you need to be a right sided brain thinker to be part of the mob?

The lack of religion gives the sense of no doctrine of redemption. If there is no redemption available then what the hell!

It’s a great book. I wish Ann spent a little more time on the psychology of the mob and more about the history of the French Revolution. I found it all very fascinating and you may as well.

But what have we learned here. We must educate the masses. The best way to keep the liberals from multiplying is to teach them the facts and get them to use their left side of the brain more. There is nothing wrong with dreaming as long as we keep their feet on the ground.

Obama was a dreamer. He thought he could part the seas or he imagined he could. It would be great if he could just use his left side of his brain for a while and stop enraging the liberals and their mobs. Maybe then he could quit blaming everyone else and take responsibility and fix the damn economy!

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