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February 19, 2012

Samuel L. Jackson Drops the Act: Admits He Only Voted for Obama because of Race

Hey, Jackson, is it Samuel L. or Jesse? Actually, it’s more likely that the actor was channeling Jeremiah Wright.

Obama: Violating Much More than Conscience

In his latest show Gov. Mike Huckabee was seen interviewing a Catholic priest, as they spoke, the Governor said that since the Catholics have come under attack “we are all Catholics.” The audience accepted what he said and while they …

Lloyd’s Life Lessons: Are Our Pets Spiritual Assignments

Filed under: Potpourri - 19 Feb 2012

I believe our pets are spiritually assigned to us. Mary and I had a Border Collie which apparently was not meant to be with us. He dug his way out under our backyard fence and disappeared. Mary searched for him …

Why Democrats Fear Ultrasound and Photo ID

When Democrats are busy ordering conservatives around for our own good, one of the justifications for their bossiness is they are the party of science. While Republicans are the party of examining chicken entrails.