New Contraception Law is an Idiot’s Nightmare.

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

When the smoke clears and people start looking at this new level of socialism, I believe that the disapproval rating of Obama will go to a new level.

Look at the Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act and you will start to understand why the communists passed this bill. You can look through this entire bill and will find nothing pertaining to contraception for non-school age women.

So what the crooks at Obama’s lair have improvised is a new concept. Under the provision in Obamacare, they are trying to bootstrap in contraceptive care. So let’s think about this a minute. Obamacare was offered mainly to women because they wanted to screw men, men never get sick or need healthcare. They were to offer women preventive care. Preventive care is basically a means to do exams to catch any ills before they get too far along and to teach people how to take better care of themselves and to be aware of telltale signs of disease. You would think preventative medicine would apply to both women and men since women outlive men, but not in Obama’s world.

For example if you can’t breath too good, that’s easy you go get it checked out. But if you have a lump in your breast, it may lead to something serious, so it is nice to have it checked out before it gets to be a serious problem.

So the purpose of preventive healthcare is to prevent disease. Cancer is a disease. High blood pressure is caused by a disease. And so on and so forth.

Now what the liberal commies are saying is pregnancy is a disease! A birth of a child is now a disease that should be exorcised as soon as it is identified.

The Catholics were looking at the wrong end of the problem. If they had a half a brain just file a suit and declare this provision is not covered under Obamacare. The providing of contraception is not preventative medicine. Pregnancy is not a disease that needs to be prevented. And Abortionists may disagree with us. But an unwanted pregnancy by any stretch of any imagination is not a disease. It is actually a miracle and a blessing. But let’s not kid ourselves, you could have people beating drums all over the land and there would still be women getting themselves pregnant. There are many women that want to become pregnant. If all women were this stupid wouldn’t the average women be having a kid a year? The demographics in the US are 2 children per female. Either they know how to use and buy contraception or they have stopped having sex.

The real problem with this unconstitutional provision is that some people really think that this is a FREE gift from Obama. Now here’s the rub, how much are the premiums going to go up. The insurance companies are not going to give away free contraceptives, only surgeon generals and Planned Parenthood can do that… (Wink, wink).

My guess is that the average premium will go up about $300 DOLLARS annually. Now that is to cover the added cost of all those birth control pills. Morning after pill could be extra. Sterilization could be more expensive.

So now the question becomes clearer. Do you want to pay about $300 a year to buy contraceptives for yourself and everyone else?

Remember in my famous book I made the point that it makes no sense to have insurance that pays for something that you need every year. You really should only have catastrophic insurance for emergencies. Next thing you know they will be covering toothbrushes!

I can also guarantee you that once insurance gets involved with contraception the cost for it will go up. Just think of the paperwork alone. You go into the local drug store to load up on some contraceptives and instead of paying cash you whip out your insurance card. That’s going to be expensive.

Let’s look at Obama’s website and look at the baloney. First off Morris is wrong, this is about winning the women’s vote. How many dumb women voted for liberals because they won for them abortions? How many dumb women will vote for Obama because they don’t have to pay for birth control pills anymore? Either the employer will pay or it will be paid for by you.

There is another problem. First off there are many government workers that are covered already with their prescription plan. The women on Medicaid are covered. So who really will benefit from this nonsense? And will the $300 be enough to cause your employer to make you pay more of the healthcare costs. If so, there is a good chance it will cost you more than what the Pill costs you now when you pay for it out of pocket. And let’s face it, if you don’t use contraception do you want to pay for someone else’s?

So this is stupid. You just need to pass the word around and make it clear that Obama is nothing but a snake oil salesman. Obama will give you FREE contraceptives. But it will cost you more. How many idiots will line up to vote for this sham? With disapproval rating of almost 50% this commie has no chance.

On the Obama website they make some statements. Such as: 99% of all women aged 15 – 44 who have ever had heterosexual sex have at least used one contraceptive method. And only 62 million women age 15-44 are currently using a method of contraception.

Another 31 % of the 62 million do not need contraception because they are pregnant, infertile, postpartum, trying to get pregnant, no sex or not sexually active with heterosexual partners.

And only 7% (I assume of the 62 million) are at risk of getting pregnant because they don’t use contraception.

So this looks like the biggest pile of bull that one can imagine. So Obama wants you to pay $300 dollars annually because 4.34 million jerks may get pregnant. My guess is that these are probably teenagers. And are they really going to go out and get free contraceptives with or without their parent’s consent. This also assumes that all males are virile. No males in this Obama study have been sterilized or are not virile.

One of the problems with all of this is that a women’s chance of getting pregnant without protection is about 20%, unless they are related to guppies. So at the end of the day many people will still take the risk even though the method is free. And if the male is more comfortable without protection, then why should the women protest. If they don’t they are taking the chance of getting pregnant. And if the activity occurs at the opportune time, then the chance of getting pregnant is 100%. There are no studies presented by Obama that would prove that this 7% would become risk free. The only thing that is certain is that unprotected sex can result in pregnancy.

But what is interesting in the latest Times poll is that 66% are in favor of FREE contraceptives. The follow-up question should have been how much are you willing to pay for the FREE contraceptives?

I would bet the 66% would go down to zero as the annual cost differential for the premiums approached $300 dollars.

So the basis of this stupidity is that there are unwanted pregnancies because people can’t afford contraception. They are forced to decide between their (cat) food and their contraception. Give me a break! And let me see some proof.

This is a sham and Obama’a disapproval numbers should reach an all time high. We don’t need to spend more money.

Let’s look at the facts. According to the Planned Parenthood’s website the chances of getting pregnant with contraception is anywhere from 1% to 25%. The Pill by the way comes in at 2-9 %.

Now most of these methods are 100% effective if you followed the directions and they work well with your bodily function. If you forget to take the pill, then you are screwed in more ways then one.

But the point is if birth control is 7% ineffective, then how can these idiots claim 7% of the population is not using contraception. And if it costs a dollar for contraception, why would one have unprotected sex? You mean one dollar is going to be the difference between eating food and having sex?

Let’s be truthful here, the 4 million unwanted pregnancies are caused in the most part by people who are stupid, or irresponsible and or uneducated. Giving them free contraception is not going to change that. They will still get pregnant. But keep in mind, they can now run down to the candy machine and get a morning after pill, if they remember to do it the morning after, or they can run down to Planned Parenthood and get a FREE abortion.

I would also imagine that Planned Parenthood must have a candy dish at its location with contraception available. We don’t want anyone catching that disease.

So bottom line is why would 300 million people want to pay over $300 dollars a year added to their premiums to pay for contraception for people who are too stupid to use them?

So the next time Obama says he wants to give you something for FREE, ask him how much the snake oil will cost. Then think twice before you vote for him again.

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