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February 23, 2012

Views on the News – 2/18/2012

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This November’s election will not be decided by voters affirmatively choosing the Republican candidate, but rather voters deciding whether they were going to reject Barack Obama. Second-term elections are always a referendum on the incumbent, not the challenger. …

New York City is nation’s #1 terrorist target, say officials

Filed under: American National Security,War On Terror - 23 Feb 2012

The recent international bombings and bomb plots occurring throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Asia within the past few days are being analyzed this week by U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies including the New York City Police Department’s …

Why, the Babies? Why?

In their isolated inside the beltway arrogance, it appears the Obama administration did not anticipate the huge “blow back”, resulting from Obama’s decree that Catholic institutions provide birth control, abortion drugs and other contraceptive services.