Why Not Separation of Liberalism and State?

By: David Bozeman
The idea that liberalism is a religion unto itself is by no means   original.  Still, how frustrating that America has been conditioned to   regard traditional religious influences as the gravest threats to our   liberty.  We have become so jumpy that even the most benign sentiments   (Merry Christmas!), in the private marketplace, no less, are uttered in   measured tones or watered down altogether (holiday trees, anyone?), lest a   creeping theocracy swallow our Bill of Rights.  But the truth is,   liberals eschew religion in politics not out of any concern for liberty.    Quite simply, they can’t stand the competition.
Why is my freedom any less compromised if I must follow the edicts of   Kathleen Sebelius as opposed to, say, Pat Robertson?  The insurance   companies MUST provide contraception.  Must?  Liberals boast of   their openness to abortion and unconstrained sexuality, but that is just a   fig-leaf to cover their own statist leanings.  Conservatives, according   to the gospel of conventional wisdom, are too concerned with what goes on in   our bedrooms.  Still, liberals have the rest of your house pretty   well covered.  The left currently regulates, or would like to   regulate:  your light bulbs, the water flow in your toilet, your car’s   gas mileage, your health insurance coverage, your child’s education, your   retirement options, your fat intake, your salt intake, your child’s school   lunch, your right to own everything from guns to plastic grocery bags, etc.,   etc.
Of course liberalism is a religion.  All of the qualities    attributed to traditional faith equally apply to liberalism.  It has its   own prophets (Barack Obama), clergy (the mainstream media, many public school   teachers), churches (public schools, public employee union halls), revivals   (Occupy Wall Street, storming the Wisconsin State House), tithing (taxes,   particularly on ‘the rich’) and behavior- altering predictions for the end of   the world (Al Gore’s award-winning ‘documentary’ An Inconvenient   Truth).  While Christians tend to frown upon rampant sexuality   and blasphemy, deadly sins and sinners against liberalism  include:   big profits, Wal-Mart, SUVs, the Boy Scouts, big oil, big pharmaceuticals, big   insurance, McDonald’s, right-to-work states, unrestricted speech on college   campuses, talk radio not hindered by a fairness doctrine and feisty Alaska   moms who run for public office.  Ann Coulter said it best:  “You   haven’t seen religious indignation until you’ve seen a liberal react to a lit   cigarette in the no-smoking section.”
Traditional-minded Americans invest their faith in such time-honored   institutions as marriage, family, social mores, the free market and the swift   arm of justice as checks on the foibles and limitations of human nature.    Liberals tend to exalt their own flowery visions of social justice as our   binding social contracts, above even the Constitution.  President Obama   has frequently harped on its limitations, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth   Bader Ginsburg, one-time counsel for the ACLU, recently advised Egyptians not   to use it as a model in forming their new government.
It is not that traditionalists are less compassionate or idealistic, they   simply realize that human imperfection makes utopia on earth impossible and   that justice for everyone is best served by ensuring equality of opportunity   as opposed to equality of outcome.  Election 2012 will hinge on the   agenda of President Obama and two competing worldviews.  Whatever the   advantages of one vision over another, make no mistake, President Obama and   his acolytes possess the same religious fervor as any fire-and-brimstone   preacher on Sunday morning community access television.  They are   no less willing to use the power of the state to ensure that their ideals   prevail.  If the religious right ridiculously blames social decay on   Hollywood and The Playboy Philosophy, you haven’t seen caricature till you see   the Democrat strategy for 2012:  Republicans portrayed as rich, white   misogynists out seeking to ban contraception.  Finding bogeymen   is one negative attribute of religion that liberals will master as they   continue on their holy crusade to “transform” the greatest bastion of liberty   the world has ever known.

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