This Will be the Dirtiest Election Ever (Again)

By: Craig Chamberlain

Dirt is part of American politics, and has been from the very beginning. This despite the talk of commentators who would have us believe that Presidential campaigns were as friendly as church socials until talk radio and Fox News came along. This election will be long, nasty, and one of the dirtiest in American history. I can safely make that prediction. It’s as safe as predicting that a baseball team will win the World Series. It’s like predicting that the next Pope will be Catholic. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination or brains to say that a race for President is going to get ugly. I’ve seen races for school board get ugly so it should only surprise an idiot that the contest for the Presidency might get a little heated.
President Obama can’t run on his record. He knows this, his handlers know it, and his allies in the media know it. It is why President Obama, and his allies, are turning contraception into an issue. They know that abortion doesn’t work for them as well as it used to. So they are hoping that they can convince women voters that a vote for the GOP is a vote for theocracy that will ban the pill, force women to get married at 18, and then make them spend the next 20 years pregnant, barefoot, and chained to the stove so the menfolk can have dinner on the table promptly at six o’clock.
Any clear thinking person knows that his is nonsense. Not one single GOP politician has talked about limiting access to contraception in anyway. But it is the job of the left wing media to make sure that people aren’t thinking clearly. It’s a red herring to confuse the people on the real issues. That under President Obama everything in this country has gotten worse. It’s hard to chant ” four more years” if that fact is forefront in your mind. The economy is weak, the official unemployment rate is only down because so many have taken themselves out of the job market, we’re 15 trillion dollars in debt, the President wants to spend another 3 trillion, our military is being gutted and won’t be able to defend this country by the time this administration is done, the constitution is in crisis, but yeah, let’s talk about contraception instead.
If the charges of theocracy and misogyny don’t pan out they can always fall back on their usual crusade against the rich GOP plutocrats against the party of the working man. Now, it’s true that none of the GOP candidates are poor. After all no poor man can afford to run for President of the United States, and no truly poor man has ever been elected President of the United States. It takes a lot of money to convince one hundred million Americans to vote for you. But even the wealthiest of the potential GOP nominees, Mitt Romney, doesn’t have as much money to campaign as President Obama will. If we judge Plutocracy by the ability to outspend your opponent, then President Obama is Plutus, god of wealth, incarnate.
Everyone knows that this is the Presidents strategy. Whip up the left wing of the party and make the GOP nominee the issue, while avoiding what the President has done during the last four years. Expect OWS to come back this summer in a big way, acting as Obama’s Chavistas. He’ll appeal to them, promise to enact their agenda, and implicitly threaten the American people with them. Vote me in for a second term or who knows what this unwashed horde will do.
This, sadly, is nothing new for the left. One can go back all the way to the French Revolution and see the left winning by any means necessary, whipping up the mobs, and destroying whomever they have to in the name of progress. It’s no different in this country.
It’s always been the Democrats, and the left, using the politics of personal destruction to win. For them politics isn’t just a way to govern the country, it’s war, and all tactics are justified. It’s all for the greater good. Jefferson convinced the American people that Adams and the Federalists were secret monarchists trying to reunite America with the British Empire. It was Andrew Jackson who lied, ranted, and raved- falsely- about John Quincy Adams rigging the election of 1824. The election of 1848 saw Democrat Lewis Cass smear Zachary Taylor as a military dictator. William Jennings Bryan attacked William McKinley, accusing him of sacrificing farmers and workers, crucifying them “on a cross of gold.” FDR equated his opponents with European Fascists, even though he was the only one trying to establish a one party state. Barry Goldwater was smeared as a deranged warmonger. It would take a book to tell all the lies told about Reagan. George W. Bush was a dimwitted cowboy who was somehow, the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks at the same time.
It won’t be any better this year. It will be long, bitter, and probably even violent. If we want clean elections and want to get out of the gutter then our best course of action will be to give this administration the boot, or it will be four more years of slime.

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