Don’t Give Up, We’re Winning

By: William P. Frasca

Each and every Conservative, Libertarian and Independent American Citizen and Patriot must extend their unique dedication, celebration and congratulations loud and clear, because whether they believe it or not they’re winning. Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” The Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives are running scared. Their bogus political ideological war of increased fabrications, with an “Alice in Wonderland” fantasy, compounded relentlessly with lies, innuendoes, strong arm tactics, and fear, has escalated into epidemic proportions.

Their erroneous claims to blame past policies enacted by previous Administrations, and Administrators are playing the same old rhetoric to hide their failures. Their Civil War atmosphere to divide this Great nation into the have and have nots which is obviously geared to develop class hostilities are failing miserably. Even though we will probably still hear and see more of this non-sense, with periodic forms of violent and non-violent demonstrations. They can run but they can’t hide from their Socialist ineptitudes, and runaway incompetence, corruption, and thievery.

We the free people, of the United States of America, who believes in defending and protecting God and Country, without any compromises, are the new American Patriots. We must accept this role without any hesitation. We must never relinquish our goal of maintaining a government, of, by and for the people. We must always preserve and protect all our God Given Inalienable rights and the Constitution?

We are loyal, proud supporters of this great Nation, who will use every legal, peaceful means and tools possible, given to us by our intelligent, brilliant brave forefathers, written and documented in our Constitution. Compulsory forced government control, dictatorship and political apprehension, must never be tolerated. We honor and respect with complete reverence, our precious American Flag, which is recognized throughout the world as an outstanding symbol of freedom and liberty. We support our military and all law enforcement agencies.

We are the people who have the strength and courage to break free from the shackles placed upon us by the self made law of political correctness non-sense of rancid garbage. We are the individuals that must stand up and be counted. We the people must be very proud of all our achievements.

Why should we be so honored, because we have accomplished the impossible? We have overcome all the negativity expressed loudly by the liberal media (Obama’s Dogs) by muffling their ignorance and arrogance. We have used the internet, developed websites; have written numerous e-mails, made phone calls, wrote letters, and use any and all unedited forms of communications, at our disposal, to spread the truthful words of American liberation, enhancing less government control over our lives.

We have no longer accepted the words of false manipulative demigods and puppets. We freed ourselves from the main stream news media, corrupted reporters and idiot mindless moderators. The Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats have finally met their Waterloo and are on the run. They are so frightened and sacred of the Silent Majority that they finally heard their Loin’s roar, spreading truth, justice and the American way!

The proof is the liberal media has definitely increased their bogus hidden misplacement of the truth, and harassment, approved by Obama and the Socialist Progressives, preaching their self proclaimed believes without substance, in endorsing their agenda. They obviously don’t hide their love, infatuations, admiration and affection for our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. They made sure he is well protected, from his bungling. Their forced, misguided direction of extended truths is escalating their despicable treacherous and horrendous abominations. They conceal pertinent information from the public concerning all that is unholy, a total disgrace to their profession. They are the dancing monkeys of the organ grinder, begging for their master, entertaining any audience that is willing to listen.

We the people are winning; every word of truth, liberty and freedom. How do we know this, because we are constantly being viciously attacked by these social heathens of untruthful manipulation? Patriot Websites are being assaulted. Written articles are being discredited. Social communications and networks are being compromised with Big Brother monitoring and harassing suspensions of accounts. They try to intimately stymie all those who legitimately question the motives and unorthodox ideologies of our self proclaimed King and Queen Barack and Michele Obama, the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives.

All those who criticize honestly, as free Americans are immediately abolished and silenced. This goes against all American principles, and unlawfully denies and hinders freedom of the speech. This is an obvious sign that the scales are being tipped into our Patriotic corner. If we weren’t making such an impact, then they wouldn’t be so hostile? Although we presently have the wind to our backs, and the momentum, we must also heed this warning; of never becoming so complacent that we would allow our potential victory to turn into the agony of defeat.

We must be willing with unlimited undying courage and without selfishness to aggressively pick up the gauntlet and save this Country from ruin. Keep up the pressure, speak the truth, question their authority, don’t be afraid and don’t be forcefully silenced. Don’t be worried or terrified of their expected intimidating name calling or labeling. Did you eve hear this expression, “Sticks and stone will break my bones, but names will never hurt me”? Appeal their unlawful and unwarranted suspensions or blockages, speak up! If they close a door open up a window, we will not be defeated. We will peacefully take back America, because this is our Country, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

There were too many sacrifices made from our remarkable forefathers, and all those courageous individuals who fought throughout our history that protected our Rights and Freedoms, from tyranny. Don’t disgrace their honor of relentless unselfish valor. Remember freedom isn’t free. It’s an honor to stand united against oppressive totalitarianism. I’d rather be free to control my own destiny, then to crawl on my hands and knees living in a manipulative, maneuvering environment of subservient appeasements and dishonorable surrender. God Help And Protect Us All. God Bless America!

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