Propaganda 101 Liberal Bias all the way! Hershey gets kissed by over-regulation.

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Propaganda per se has a negative connotation. And I think we all agree that there is some propaganda on both sides. But by definition the propaganda weighs in as much more prominent on the liberal side.

Here’s one definition for propaganda: Information especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular point of view.

Now for me anything that is bias may not be all that trustworthy.

There’s a fellow who goes by the name of Williams who has a pretty neat site and he disseminates a memo every Monday and thus it is called the Monday Morning Memo. And he is located in a liberal section of the country near Austin Texas. Once in a while he slips into this conservative bashing quagmire but usually as a marketing expert his stuff is interesting.

So keep in mind if his material at times is bias is that propaganda? One time he painted Glenn Beck as a Nazi similar to Hitler. When I complained, I was booted off his email list. So I have found that gurus can get just a little bit sensitive.

But his definition: Propaganda is a powerful thing. Built on highly charged emotional images and phrases that run to the core of our beings, well-crafted propaganda is virtually irresistible. (MMMemoDec 5, 2011). Keep in mindRoyis a successful marketing expert.

But he precedes this with “Senator Joseph McCarthy rose to power on a wave of fear-mongering, demonizing anyone who disagreed with him. We ultimately realized the man was nuts, but for a window of time we believed he was a shining star that everyone should follow. Do you know why history repeats itself? Because we pay too little attention the first time.”

Then Williams shows a few pieces on Newt and Bachman and making the founders our heroes and how this is all irresistible propaganda.

I look at propaganda a little bit differently. I see it two ways. One is that propaganda can be similar to the liberal’s platform. Bigger government, bigger safety net and FREE stuff like contraceptives. They intentionally exclude the price tag for the FREE stuff in the message.

I also see the word used to mean more like what you would hear on the stump that is totally false. In most cases they are down right lies. A great example comes to mind used by Algore. He remembered sitting on his momma’s lap while she sang a union song that actually came out in 1975.  You have to picture this image of Algore as an adult perched on his momma’s lap while she was singing about the union label.

I don’t think all liberals are liars. They just see the world different then we do. They have a better imagination. Liberal Beckel thinks that the size of the deficit is immaterial. That’s true as long as the economy is allowed to grow. And it would need to grow faster then it has ever grown like before the Carter years. Guess what? That’s not going to happen no matter how many liberals like Obama and how many liberal media folks say or dream it will happen!

Propaganda is marketing. But what do we call a marketer whose marketing is false? Does it matter if the marketing works? Usually not, if people spend a lot on a product that does not live up to its billing, there is usually a price to pay. But it doesn’t mean you can’t become rich by lying.  Algore is worth a fortune! You just better make your money in a hurry and transfer the money out of the LLC and out of the country!

I would have appreciated if Williams including a clip of Obama. Almost all of Obama’s propaganda is a lie. Or better yet it is not clear. Now getting back to Williams he writes about exclusions. So does Obama’s rhetoric exclude enough facts so that what he says is actually true? (LOL) If you believe that one, I got some ocean front property in Kansas I would love to sell you!

I think we all feel a lot of frustration. In my famous book I write about 2 different worlds. But before we can approach such a notion we need to eliminate false propaganda. It is hard to imagine in this day and age with world wide knowledge and information dissemination: The truth should be easier to find. But at the end of the day, most liars are allowed to stand by their false accusations uncontested.

If we stop paying the politicians, the problem will go away. But the number one problem facing all Americans is Jobs and their Benefits. The Liberal’s cure is to expand government and have the government supply all benefits including contraceptives. And I think we all can agree we just can’t afford to pay the price tag for that choice.

I am sure Greece was fed the same propaganda. The gravy train will last forever, just keep electing the liberals (socialists) and we will always have plenty of money. And just maybe the liberal politicians believed that as well as they cashed their pay checks. But the problem is:  Did they all believe it when they said it? Or did they hoped and changed that the gravy train would last until they died or retired.

Now the conservative propaganda is just the opposite.  The conservative politicians expect to be paid well. So does that create a problem? But this propaganda is for a diminished role in government. It calls for lower taxes and reduction of regulations that are killing our industries. 

Hershey was fined ¼ of a million dollars by our government. Under Obama that would pay for a lot of jobs. At $10 dollars an hour that would create many jobs. Do you think the next time Hershey has to make a decision to move their business out of the country they will remember that the government taxed them an extra $250,000 because they failed to keep the proper paper work?

How difficult will it be for Hershey to package their products in Mexico?  We failed the test for a kinder gentler government. But it will help Mexico or China… The next place Hershey decides to go to avoid the reaches of our regulatory government.

It took the Department of Labor 6 months to write up its report before they fined Hershey. That alone probably cost the government $250,000. Does that make any sense? Maybe a 5 minute notice would have accomplished the same thing without the over done fines. They weren’t fined for someone getting hurt; they were fined for failure to have the proper paper work filled out! There were no chocolate kisses on their pillows!

So the people have to decide, not the crooked politicians. The truth has to be known. And decisions need to be made. If our only decision is to elect lying politicians and place our future in their hands, then we are doomed.

But we need to wake up and make some real decisions. How do you want to proceed? Do you choose the liberal way or the conservative/capitalistic way?

We need to cut through all the propaganda and take one course. One or the other won’t matter. But we need to stick to one plan. So far it is obvious that communism and capitalism do not work together. The liberal policies of Obama have choked the growth of capitalism. So you make the call. Do you want to be free to choose what job you want or do you want some politician to decide the job you must take and the benefits you will be allowed?

 Do you want a politician to decide how much you pay for energy while they make a fortune in the market! Which propaganda will you buy into and how important is your decision in the freedom and liberty of the future America? Would some one please stand up and tell us the truth!

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