Don’t Write America’s Obituary Just Yet

By: Craig Chamberlain

Many Americans feel that our country’s  best days are behind us. That’s exactly how the Obama administration wants us to feel. They believe that America is no better than any other country, and is probably worse than most. Consequently they have governed as if punishing America is the main focal point of the administration. America’s woes are mostly the creation of our government, not proof of inevitable decline. Proof positive? Look at our energy problems.
Candidate Obama pushed cap and trade, and admitted that under his administration energy prices would “skyrocket” his energy secretary has said that is should be the goal of the United States government to push gas prices as high as they are in Europe. The administration that never lets a crisis go to waste used the BP oil spill as an excuse to place a moratorium on all offshore drilling. The Keystone pipeline, which would have brought millions of barrels of oil to American refineries and ports was vetoed by President Obama, to placate the Marxists and tree worshipers that make up so much of his coalition. Instead the Canadians will build pipelines to the Pacific coast where the oil can then be shipped to China.
Instead we loan money to Brazil so they can drill of their coast. We give half a billion dollars to Solyndra, not counting the fortune we wasted on other green boondoggles. This is not accidental. This is not incompetence. We have, for the first time, a government that is working long and hard to make this country weaker and poorer. Even the disasters of Jimmy Carter of James Buchanan can be chalked up to incompetence instead of deliberate action.
The price of fuel is skyrocketing and will only get higher. It will easily go over five dollars a gallon this summer. This is partially due to fears of war in the Middle East and a disruption in shipments. But most of it is a deliberate attempt by the government to radically change the United States. Green energy, though an economic disaster, is being forced on the American people as coal fueled power plants are closed, no more offshore oil drilling is allowed, we cannot drill in ANWR, and the administration is trying to stop the natural gas boom in the Marcellus Shale that could provide thousands of jobs and put billions into the economy.
Instead of the abundant energy that will work, create jobs, lessen our dependency on the Saudis and Venezuelans, and provide much needed money to our treasury that could be used to pay off our colossal debt, we have a government that wants to cover ever home in solar panels, (and we know how many jobs that industry creates) and build miles and miles of windmills. All of this to satisfy the totalitarian demands of an environmental movement that would like to see people living in mud houses and eating bugs and grass.
America’s problems are not symptomatic of irreversible decline. It is not international competition holding us back. The American spirit  hasn’t vanished into thin air. Our problems stem from the fact  that we have a corrupt government neck deep in crony capitalism, and out of some perverse neo Marxist fantasy, think it is their duty to punish America for its perceived sins. If the American people are allowed to work, to invest, and invent, our economy will soar. If only we had real leadership in Washington.
We wouldn’t know how to behave if we didn’t have the fools in Washington restraining this country at every turn. Every other country uses its own resources, but we’re forbidden. It’s insanity. It’s bowing the earth worshipers, and  Khmer Rouge types in the Democratic party, that keep this country in recession. There is no reason that we have to rely on foreign sources of energy, we have all we need from domestic supply.
We could be one of the leaders in oil production if we were allowed to drill. Our natural gas reserves could fill our demands way beyond the foreseeable future, and only China mines more coal than we do. Though if President Obama gets his way we won’t be mining- or using- coal at all. If we used what we had we would never need another drop of Venezuelan crude again, and the price of gasoline would be around a buck a gallon. America doesn’t need radical transformation. It needs leadership. Most Americans would agree that we don’t have any. Leaders work at their countries stronger, we have a cadre of radical progressives out to bring us down to the level of Greece, if we’re lucky.
This administration doesn’t deserve a second term. Look at the price of food, the unemployment rate, the deficit, the debt, his insistence on more spending , the assaults on our first amendment freedoms, and his takeover of health care. Americans need to keep that in mind when they vote in November. If these reasons aren’t enough to convince the people of this country to vote out President Obama then we’re doomed.

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