The Republican Nightmare

By: William P. Frasca

The Republican and Conservative Parties have always been a helpless pawn and manipulated tool of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats. The only Conservative/Republican leader, that had the unique intelligence, ability and capability to use their own Liberal/Democratic spin, non-sense, schemes, illegal bogus accusations, and mistruths against them, that created an atmosphere of defeat and lack of confidence was administered by our last Conservative President, the great auditor Ronald Reagan.

This man was the master of maneuverability, hitting his opposition calmly with a velvet hammer, before they realized they were hit. The Democrats were putty in his hands, molded to approve most of his policies in a hostile controlled environment in Congress and the Senate. His distinctive charm, personality, determination, stubbornness, strength and courage, morals and convictions, proved to be no match. These attributes were used as tools which made most of his battles so easy, it was like fighting unarmed individuals.

The Constitution, The Flag, God and Country, together with the Will of the People prevailed. America was America was once again, a Government Of, By, and For the People, with all its greatness, fear and respect, throughout the world. We were once again free Americans, released from the clutches of the Carter Administration, The Liberal Democrats, The Progressives and total Government control. He even kept his own Party members on the straight and narrow. There was virtually no dissention.

Today the Republican leadership is in shambles. They have no clue on which way is up, or which way is down. It seems as though they don’t think before they leap, or they leap before they think, it makes no difference. They’re dazed and confused. Most of the time they don’t stick together, they drift into powerless inept factions. These slogans, United We Stand, Divided We Fall, and Divide and Conquer, should be their reminders. I have a strong feeling that the Republicans are completely ignoring these words.

The Democrats with all their multiple faults, arrogance and simplistic mentality of being narrow minded, abusive, bias, bigoted, scandalous, and corrupt den of self loving thieves always seem to stick together through thick and in. No matter how outrageous they will lie and cheat to protect one of their own. I don’t see that unity expressed in any capacity within the Republican/Conservative Party. Naturally, they should never compromise their morals or ideals for the obvious guilty, but it seems as though they go out of their way to attack and go against one another. This is expressed on all levels. It absolutely positively makes no sense. The Conservative Republicans before and after Ronald Reagan were fighting a two front war with numerous well known various forms of Benedict Arnolds rising from their own rank and file, destroying their Party’s strength.

John McCain is the first on this list, who seizes every opportunity to criticize and bury his own Party members. This despicable hindrance and atrocity obviously showed up in his 2008 results, for his bid for President, losing to a basically unknown, no experienced ultra Liberal Community Organizer candidate, and now our reigning President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. The final results proved he was not only disliked, considered a weak gutless representative of his Party, and distrusted by most of his fellow Conservative Republicans, who either decided to cross Party lines, or stayed home and refrained form voting. His defeat was also considered pay back time for his disloyalty, throughout the years. He was falsely identified as a Maverick, and was the leading force behind Obama’s victory. He owed it to America and the American people to bring out the truth about Obama, and his past affiliations, his questionable endeavors but he caved in, to Political Correctness.

This is sadly carrying over into this year Republican Primary for the Presidency. Instead of attacking Obama the President, their true competitor, they’re humiliating one another.

There was a women, used as a spokes person in favor of free government supplied contraception for women, She was of course, used as a pawn and to set a trap against the Catholics, the Christian Right and the Conservatives. This act was endorsed by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, the Progressives and Mr. Obama. Unfortunately one of the leading voices in Conservative radio, Rush Limbaugh took the bait.

Why would he give them any opportunity to claim victory on a defeated issue, in which Obama himself compromised? Freedom of religion prevailed. Obama’s illegal act against the Constitution was defeated. Rush revived this outrage giving the Democrats reason to celebrate. He called this woman a foul name, even if it was the truth, keep your thoughts to yourself, and your mouth shut, he fell for this, Hook, Line and Sinker.

I thought Rush was smarter than that, or maybe it was his own arrogance coming to the surface, but everyone makes a mistakes. It only proves one point the bigger they are the harder they fall? He enhanced the situation by apologizing, which was an admission of guilt. He should have stood his ground and his statement. This only made him look weak and ridicules, to further mockery scorn and laughter.

We his fellow brother and sister Patriots must support him; he will recover from this with our help. We must never turn our backs on him. He was there for us and America, and we must be there for him. Unfortunately because he is a Conservative radio talk show host, they are naturally affiliating him with the Republicans, who have there own problems, which must be corrected.

I must add this important point. One of the first Republicans to immediately condemn his actions was our good friend John McCain? He should be ashamed of himself and switch parties, the Democrats deserve him.

God Bless America. May the Good Lord Protect Our Republic For Which It Stands?

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