The Violation of America’s Character

By: David Bozeman
Conservative commentary typically proceeds by highlighting the practical   results of such disastrous policies  as Obama-care.  In recent days,   however, we have seen the erosion of our character as a people, a violation of   such founding traits as self-pride and individual responsibility.  What a   disgrace that the president of the United States would continue the   exploitation of Sandra Fluke by a crass and greedy political culture.
Nothing here is meant to disparage Sandra Fluke as a person (for the real   villain of the piece, keep reading).  She merely represents far too many   Americans who would gladly grovel before a congressional committee to secure   the involuntary subsidies of her fellow citizens to fund her selfish   ends.  Protecting the rights of private institutions not to sponsor   behavior they deem immoral has somehow morphed into a co-called “assault on   women’s health.”  Note the breathless panties-in-a-wad dramatics of   Senators Patty Murray (WA), Barbara Boxer (CA) and Charles Schumer (NY), among   others. All Democrats, by the way.  No one — NO ONE — has proposed   banning birth control.  The Democrats want to scare women with what they   know is a  lie. Their assault on our national character   continues, this time by way of our intelligence. While most of us are   not stupid enough to believe such a preposterous notion as a war on   contraception, many Democrats are seriously banking on the ones who are.
As a writer and activist, I still hold a day job.  Like many   Americans, I count on my employer-provided health coverage, which I consider a   benefit and not a right.  Also like many Americans, I would never use the   force of the federal government against a company that voluntarily employs   me.  The same principle, of course, applies to any private entity,   including universities, which have not traditionally been compelled to provide   health coverage.  Still, the weight of the debate has stressed the   requirements of employers, and while workers deserve certain protections,   Obama-care numbs individuals to their freedoms of choice, initiative and   association.
Cradle-to-grave health care, education and other programs and   entitlements (with more to come) destroy the incentive for individuals to   forge their own paths.  It is the prospect of need that fosters grit,   gumption and independence.  As government grows, the employer/employee   relationship diminishes, robbing American workers of pride in making choices,   asserting themselves and meeting responsibilities.
Pride — there’s a word that has fallen out of fashion.  That and   ‘humility.’  And how about ‘modesty?’  Most of us don’t talk about   our sexual proclivities, let alone ask for public endorsement of them.    With no disrespect intended to Miss Fluke, the relaxing of sexual mores has   come at a cost to our freedom.  “Keep your laws of my body” – until   it comes time to pay for my birth control.  As Mark Steyn has brilliantly   noted, sexual license is about the only thing you don’t now need a license   for.
And then there’s that time-honored liberal trap of  “You can pay a   little now for birth control or a lot later for the costs of unwanted   children.”  How about a third option:  making individual   responsibility and restraint (now there’s a word that, in terms of sexual   behavior, is not merely outdated but ancient) as culturally desirable as   feeding at the public trough.
Again, Miss Fluke is not a bad woman.  She is merely the poster   child of a prevailing mindset that does not inspire greatness or   self-sufficiency.  The act of picking Americans to grovel before Congress   for goodies is meant to stroke the egos of career politicians and lend them an   air of goodwill and legitimacy.  Indeed, an intelligent woman such as   Miss Fluke is demeaned not by being denied birth control but by being used in   a cheap political ploy by the Democratic  Party.

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