Apparently Charity Begins (and ends) With Obama!

By: Michael John McCrae

The article caught my attention: “Church Ordered to Stop Giving Away Free Water”, dated 27 February 2012. (Byline Todd Starnes).

Okay, it’s Mardi Gras in Louisiana and there are a whole lot of people in town. A church gets a really weird idea that these folks might get thirsty while walking around celebrating. This church believes in compassion and helping those who might be in need. They willingly purchase five thousand bottles of water; determined to give these away freely to anyone in thirst. They also offer free coffee to those who’d rather drink hot than cold.

Along comes the bureaucratic spider with its intricate web of laws to tell the church to shut down the operation. It seems the church was not permitted to give away free water or coffee unless they had obtained the “proper permits” or registered for “sales tax”, when they weren’t selling anything!

In Obama’s America you are not permitted to give anything away unless it is first blessed by some level of government. Little girls cannot set up lemonade stands and churches cannot offer thirsty people free water. The Catholic Church is told they must give away free contraception (by law) and they must offer abortion services on demand (by law), but another church is told they must not give away water or cups of coffee.

Back when I was a kid (1950’s) I had a “Kool Aid” stand. I was never threatened with a lawsuit for advertising my product under a brand name. I did not have to get permits to set up on a public sidewalk to hawk cold glasses of “Kool Aid”. The local police (and in one instance a State Trooper) stopped at my stand regularly. They did not stop to shut me down. They stopped to buy and enjoy a cold glass of “Kool Aid”. I did not have a government inspector; demanding some certificate or permit be displayed. I did not have to bribe some city sanitation official to certify cleanliness (Mom would have killed me if I set out a dirty glass!) And all of that was in the State of New Jersey! I would hazard a guess that if my grandchildren were to set up a “Kool Aid” stand today; after all the permits, inspections and clearances to display a brand-name product were applied for at the beginning of their summer break, they’d still be waiting for permission two weeks into the next school year!

Now, even if we vote the regulator-in-chief out of his cushy, usurped, white house it will still probably not mean little Susie can have her lemonade stand. All liberals must be voted out of every office they currently hold. Liberals have shown us who they are. They offer nothing. They destroy freedom for children and adults alike. They want the power to be able to tell you that you are not permitted to do good deeds or succeed in private enterprise unless government is fully involved and can tap into any profitability you might otherwise enjoy. Liberals want to take from you and give to people who are less enterprising; people who like not having to work for a living; people like the vacation-family-in-chief.

When you are threatened with arrest and fine for giving away free water and coffee there is something wrong. If you do not see that you are truly blind. Or, you are a stupid liberal.

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