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March 16, 2012

Only Human: When “person” is a subjective term

On February 23rd, the Virginia state legislature put off any action on its proposed “personhood bill” until next year, much to the relief of Republican strategists who want to steer clear of so-called “social issues.” These critics may have a …

Obama Constituency Strikes Again! Or Living In The Land Of Morons!

Filed under: Politics In General - 16 Mar 2012

The article was: “Mustached Americans seek tax break for grooming products”, dated 20 February 2012. The first paragraph says it all: “As Congress pays lip service to Americans seeking tax reforms, an underrepresented constituency has a hairy proposition — …

Cutter Lies and Obama gets votes! Stay home and Boycott the Liberal Movies!

Filed under: The Democrats - 16 Mar 2012

The Obama people send out emails almost by the hour some days. And one person lies then the other one swears to it. And you are supposed to believe it. So let me address the lies by Stephanie Cutter. It …

Holder, Democrats blast NYPD’s spying on Muslims in New Jersey

Filed under: War On Terror - 16 Mar 2012

This week, Attorney General Eric Holder told U.S. senators that he was disturbed by what he’s read about the New York Police Department conducting undercover and surveillance operations targeting mosques and Islamic student organizations in New Jersey.