Cutter Lies and Obama gets votes! Stay home and Boycott the Liberal Movies!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

The Obama people send out emails almost by the hour some days. And one person lies then the other one swears to it. And you are supposed to believe it. So let me address the lies by Stephanie Cutter. It is hard to believe that women can lie. Everyone seemed to believe Hillary when Bill was making up all that stuff.

The first issue that Cutter tends to is the issue of the Senate bill being morally objectionable. The Blunt-Rubio Amendment was more of a statement then something that was actually going to pass the Liberal Senate. I do agree that the conservatives were led to slaughter by the wacko liberals. But there is plenty of time to correct that problem by November. First off, no amendment is going to work that allows an employer to change how a national law is going to effect people. Unless you have a waiver from Obama there is no way that you are going to get out of paying more for less. Heck if you can fund raise $500,000, they claim that gets you an Obama administrative position. What do you have to collect to become a czar?

This amendment would raise all kinds of issues. If female employees do not want to use contraceptives, then they are free to choose not too. There was no mention of a female flu shot! Everyone, male or female will have to pay higher premiums for the Free contraceptives, and most people will never get to use them. And if you really think there will be less pregnancies because of it, then you are the best person out there to vote for a bunch of liars.

So Cutter from the Obama Truth Team mentions in her email that Obama has the toughest-ever fuel saving economy (CAFÉ) standards and they will save Americans $8,000 per car by 2025. It scares me when guys like Obama claim a benefit in the future. For example, Obamacare is wonderful, we are paying thousands of dollars for it, and no one has reaped any benefits from it without having to pay for the FREE stuff! So now you have to wait to save $8,000 in 2025. Now I guarantee like Carter, Obama will not be around as president in 2025. Carter gave us all these social security hikes long after he was gone. Obama will give us very expensive cars that we don’t want to pay for. And at what price per gallon of gas will he save you $8,000 in 2025. Whoops it has already been fact checked that’s $8,000 for the life of the car. It is just like everything Obama says, ain’t a lick of truth behind it. But it all sounds good. And if you are a stupid liberal or an uninformed woman, you believe it. Think about it, if you could save $8,000 in one year when you only put 10,000 miles on the car that would be unbelievable. Yes that’s what it is a lie and unbelievable! But of course we could look at it a bit differently. If you didn’t have a job, and your car sat in the driveway all day because you could not afford the gas selling at $8.00 a gallon in 2025, then I guess Cutter could say emphatically that she just saved you $8,000.

Cutter then attempts to attack Romney’s tax cutting plan. You know how Obama and the liberals always claim they have lowered taxes. Well that is not true. The liberals talk about the Obama payroll tax cut that cut your payment to social security by 2%. That’s if you have a job. But they failed to tell you that they took away the health care premium deduction from the self employed tax for 2011. So while one hand gives you a break, the other hand takes it away.

In other words, depending on where you came in with a profit to your business, in 2010 you were allowed to deduct your healthcare premiums before you did the calculations for the self employment tax. That’s your payment to social security. In 2011 you were not permitted to deduct the health care premium which was probably higher then it was in 2010. So if you were at the optimum income/profit you ended up paying more for social security then the benefit of the Obama payroll tax cut. Betcha you didn’t hear that in any of the Obama truth team emails!

Then Cutter lies about the tax fairness rule. Obama lies about the Buffet rule. It always strikes me funny when liberals like Obama just can’t tell the truth. It is like comparing apples to oranges. Buffet may pay less in income tax but he pays a king’s ransom in capital gains and corporate taxes. What the liberal idiots should ask is how much has Buffet paid in taxes? And how much has his secretary paid in taxes. For the uninformed let me write in differently. If you have no income you don’t pay any income tax. If you have a business then you may not have to pay income tax, but you will have to pay a tax on capital gains and the corporation’s income!

My guess is the secretary is lucky to pay about $20,000 in taxes. Why doesn’t anyone ask her for her tax returns? And Buffet pays millions of dollars in taxes. Now if there is any idiot out there besides Obama that thinks Buffet should pay more taxes in order to be fair, they need to make an argument why? So let’s look at Buffet’s tax returns and his secretary’s tax returns. If Buffet is paying millions and the secretary is paying about $20,000, then who should pay more, and why? Cutter thinks you should pay more.

I think they should stop spending money that is not theirs to spend!

Obama wants to lower corporate taxes and increase personal income taxes. So do you really think Buffet will pay more in taxes? He will smile all the way to the bank. But his secretary won’t. She will end up paying more.

Something to ponder: If liberals like Tom Hanks want to see an idiot like Obama get re-elected, what does Hank’s tax return look like? And Tommy Hanks wants you to pay more taxes.

We have millions of athletes out there making millions of dollars a year. Many of them are from minority groups. Have you ever heard one athlete say he wants to pay more in taxes? According to Cutter: It would only be fair if all those athletes paid their Obama fair share! We need to put a Tiger in our tank.

During the Oklahoma primary, Obama was legally or illegally on the ballot. He only mustered up 57% of the vote. (Total Oklahoma Democrat vote about 110,000). Don’t look like the Democrats are real happy with the lies of Obama and Cutter!

Hanks can make all the propaganda movies he can afford, but the people will not be there to vote for the communist! Hanks can always pay more in taxes. But he wants you to pay more. Maybe it is time for the people who despise Obama’s policies to boycott Hank’s movies while they are at the movie theater. That would send a clear message to all the liberal actors and producers that want you to pay more in taxes!

When liberals know better than we do, we are in deep trouble when they can afford to contribute MILLIONS to Obama’s bid for re-election. Best way to help out the liberal actors and producers is to boycott their movies. When you buy tickets to a liberal’s movie, you are donating money to Obama’s campaign! Stay home and watch reruns.

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